X Tube BIKE #10 jockstrap video, cock abuse

So, you get up, you go to X Tube ’cause you wanna get off, you search on jockstraps and find this video. Now I’m not saying that I did or didn’t like it, I’m just wondering why someone would want to do that to their meat and two veg!!! I mean come on, it’s gotta hurt….That aside, he certainly fills a BIKE #10 nicely, even though he uses a nice shiny stainless steel cock ring, who hasn’t? Well to be honest mine isn’t shiny, it’s a matte stainless steel cock ring from Gear Essentials (Check them out).

X Tube BIKE #10 jockstrap video, cock abuse

When you see this shot, you kinda think he’s rubbing or massaging his boys….NOT! He’s actually just whacked them!

He whacks them so hard that you actually see his cock ring underneath, just look at how far they swing over to the side…ouch….!

X Tube BIKE #10 jockstrap video, cock abuse

Watch the video after the jump.

I don’t know about you, but if he wants me to rub, kiss, lick or suck them better, I just want to let him know I’m there for him.

If for some reason the video won’t play here, click here to go directly to X Tube to watch it.