Jockstrap Central Model Clint

We recently released an extended photoset of our latest model Santos over on Jockstrap Central in the gallery section, but as always, we’re also posting it here – a little late as I’ve busy getting ready for our two day stint with our booth at Toronto Pride. The large versions of the photos are bigger than ever – a full 1000 pixels so you can see all the juicy details.

Like most of our models, Santos answered a classified ad and sent in a few fantastic sample photos and we liked what we saw. We immediately set him up for a quick meeting and as soon as we opened the door, we knew we had a star on our hands. As you can see from the photos, he’s stunningly handsome and oozing sexy. Not that you would know, but he’s also intelligent and super nice.

Santos has recently moved to Toronto from the UK where he’s currently working as a model, but also as a fitness instructor which probably explains those rock hard abs and zero body fat. Some models need coaxing, not Santos, he was so at ease in front of the camera, completely in-tune with his sexuality, and it shows through the whole photoshoot.

The gear Santos is wearing is:

Mckillop Jockstraps
Flarico Athletic Supporters
Everywear Tank Tops

Unfortunately, the shorts he’s wearing are not available yet on Jockstrap Central, but they should be coming soon.


(click the photos to see larger versions. When viewing larger versions, you can use your keyboard arrow keys to browse the photos)

There are 31 photos in the series, click the link below to see the rest:

Don’t forget, you can grab all of the gear that Santos is wearing (except the grey shorts) over at Jockstrap Central. There’s also a great deal on Nasty Pig Mash-up Briefs and Trunks right now – 20% Off.