Scott, a friend of ours from Detroit who also happens to be the owner of Kinkwear was in Chicago recently for the International Mr. Leather contest He took the opportunity to take some great shots of their new line of jockstraps. This is their Tribal Tattoo Jockstrap.

Tribal tattoo Jockstrap from kinkwear

White sport mesh jockstrap – coming soon!!! Is that a PA?

White sport mesh jockstrap from kinkwear

There’s more photos after the jump, including my all time favorite – meshhhh.

kinkwear mesh jockstrap
kinkwear mesh jockstrap

Mouth watering……….can you say bubble, cause right now I can’t even talk! But where the hell is my cheque book.

for rent jockstrap kinkwear
for rent jockstrap kinkwearUS Star jockstrap from kinkwear