chad conners escort and body builder in a jockstrap

It’s all about the ass. Well, the front is pretty damn good too, but with Chad Conners, it’s really about one of those full butts – hard enough to bounce quarters off of, but full enough that you just want to bury your face in and never come up for air. You probably know chad from his extensive porn career working for power houses like Falcon and Chi Chi LaRue, but leave it to Jockbutt to put him in blue Safe-T-gard swimmer jockstrap for all us jockstrap fiends to drool over. It doesn’t get much better then that.

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chad conner in safetgard jockstrap

Jockbutt Chad Conners

Jockbutt is all about hot guys and their butts. You won’t find a lot of frontal nudity, but you will find a shit load of built guys mostly in jockstraps showing off their incredible asses. They update weekly with some of the highest quality photos and videos around.


3 thoughts to “JOCKBUTT – CHAD CONNERS”

  1. I have to say this was one of the hottest shoots I’ve had. Just watching Chad walk around the room with his fatigues hanging half down his muscle butt, with that jockstrap framing it…. hard to steady the lense !

    We may have another Chad shoot coming soon.

  2. I am from peru and I am a fan of chad, I think he is a handsome y wonderful actor, If any body can give me some information about him please send me to my e-mail like age, preferences because I like this guy or some films .I am gland to recive. or his e-mail because I like tihis guy too much.thank

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