The Unsung Hero…Your Jock!

I was enjoying my morning coffee and came across some really great articles regarding our favorite undergarment of choice.

I wanted to share a piece on the MFESports Blog. (Check the link to read more)

To give you a little bit of a rundown. The article is a humorous take on the history of jockstraps ranging from the Egyptian times and to more modern concepts of the Jockstrap.

I particularly love the part about the Cod Pieces. Apparently the Gentry would essentially bedazzle the heck out of their junk protection devices in order to show their virility, and should they have shortcomings, well their solution for that was also quite inventive. I mean who wouldn’t want to stuff their junk full of sawdust and other such packing materials.

We have come a long long way in the world of Jockstraps, but the design seems to still have a similar feel to it’s ancient brethren.

Although I doubt Ill be heading home immediately to bedazzle my favorite jockstrap and then stuff my “Man Zone” with packing peanuts, I’ll just file this here as one of those rainy day Pinterest projects I might get around to.