jockstrap sports kit

Was checking out BentleyRace and lately Ben’s been getting a lot of his guys in football sports kit (not American football!) which I really love, especially when that kit includes a jockstrap. Well, Matthew here is one of the latest and he’s pretty hot. Not only is he handsome with fantastic eyes, but he’s also got a dick that will make you drool. It’s one of those dicks that’s as equally impressive soft as it is hard – you know the type that hangs low with a set of complimentary balls. If there’s such a thing as a masculine dick, then this is it.

sports kit and jockstrap

Matthew is wearing a white SafeTGard jockstrap and it couldn’t be a better fit with it’s pouch straining to contain the massive bulk of his package and the straps behind perfectly framing one of the nicest Australian bubble butts I’ve ever seen.

Most of these photos are from Mathew’s photo set, but the last one is a bunch of captures from Mathew’s video on BentleyRace where you get to see him work that jockstrap, finger his ass and shoot a big sticky load.

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SafeTGard jockstrap

ass framed by a SafeTGard jockstrap

hung like a horse in a jockstrap

jockstrap sports kit

jockstrap video

BentleyRace is owned and operated by a guy named Ben, who started off taking videos of himself. One of his most popular talents is being able to suck himself off. After a few years of owning a yahoo group to share his videos, he finally started a website where you can see lots of Ben, but also photos and videos of his buddies and people he meets in his travels – both in solos and in ones fooling around with Ben. As he has an underwear and sports kit fetish himself, there’s tons of it to be seen on BentleyRace. It’s a great site with loads of photos and videos that explore all sorts of fetishes. Jockstrap, self-sucking, underwear, sports kit, piss, pumping, toys and public sex – it’s a lot of fun and a lot of content.