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One of the “features” about jockstraps is the way they frame a person’s ass. This is especially effective when that ass is a big round bubble butt. I put together a few of my favorite photos of perfectly framed asses for this “theme” – enjoy!

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Used Jockstrap Used Jockstrap
Used Jockstrap
Used Jockstrap

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  1. Happy New year to all my jockstrap buds. Hoping everyone is wearing their jockstraps in good health. WOOOF.

    Jockstraps always frame a cute butt really nice. Thanks for sharing.

  2. while on duty i always feel much better with my jock on. they of course are under my briefs. feels so protected

  3. That hot picture of the smooth ass in the black jock strap, with the lad bent over is a delight… just the sort of position for a good deep rim-job. Perfect ass, perfect position.

  4. piture number 7 is so hot i love his meaty ass i want to tackle that shit and the have him in bed all night long

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