In case you hadn’t figured it out, besides Jockstrapping, I also own Jockstrap Central and also – a community and social networking site for guys into underwear. The reason I bring this up is that a very hot and very long-time member of USG-online has (finally) decided to submit his photos to Jockstrapping! Check This Out…

JockLuver in his jock straps

See, JockLuver is the full meal-deal. He’s got a great body, hairy chest, a delicious and handsome dick and balls, and of course – a great ass to be framed by a jockstrap.

Here’s what JockLuver has to say:

“I love guys in their jocks & underwear. I have a huge collection of gear. I’m into working out at the gym so if you’re in So Cal let me know.”

So there you go…Pretty hot eh? If you want to get in touch with JockLuver, you can check him out on the USG-online Underwear Community. He’s got lots more photos over there. Click here for his USG profile. (You’ll have to be a member of USG and a contact of his but it’s completely free to signup, there’s no hidden or added costs. It’s a great friendly supportive community of like-minded underwear enthusiasts posting their photos and talking about what they love – underwear.)

JockLuver in his jock straps

JockLuver in his jock straps

JockLuver in his jock straps

You can also use the big orange link below to contact him directly and finally, be sure to use this blog’s comment system to let us all know what you think of JockLuver.


Don’t forget, submit your photos and if we use them, we’ll send you a free jockstrap. JockLuver will be getting his shortly.


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