retro jockstrap

Check this out, one of our readers just sent in some retro photos of himself when he was 22 for our Your Jockstraps series. All I can say is how freakn’ hot is that. This good looking guy with the sexy mustache is beyond sexy with his tight furred body in that classic sports jock.

Although I don’t normally post photos without jockstraps, I just couldn’t resist sharing a few that Ricbear sent in just to show you he’s the complete package with an equally impressive dick to match the rest of of his hotness.

Ricbear didn’t tell me how old he is now, so we don’t know for sure what year these photos were taken, but maybe Ricbear will place a comment and give us some more background info on him. And if he has any recent photos, we’d love to see those too!

He didn’t want his email posted, but be sure to use the comment system if you want to let Ricbear (and us) know what you think of this retro jockstrap moment.

retro sport jockstrap

retro sport jockstrap