The updates are going to be scarce as we get ready for Toronto Pride (more info on that in the coming days, but if you’re in Toronto that weekend, plan on dropping by our booth!) Regardless of being busy, I felt I owed it to everyone for another Your Jockstraps installment.

black bike jockstrap

Zach here is not only a jockstrap fanatic but he’s also one of Jockstrap Central’s customers. He’s sent in a lot of fantastic photos showing off both his Bike and Bodyworksman jockstraps and also his bondage fetish – which totally compliment each other. Here’s what he has to say:

“I am 5’9′, weigh approx. 140lbs and I have brown eyes and hair. My hobbies include running, getting tied up, and jockstraps. I especially like being tied up in a jockstap. I’m def. a bottom. I like having my butt spanked while wearing a jockstap, especially the red one. Try to get my butt as red as the jock.”

Although Zach’s got a pretty nice dick, it’s really all about his ass for me. It’s one of those you just want to bury your face into and the fur is totally hot.

red bike jockstrap
jockstrap and bondage
black bike jockstrap

As you can tell from the photos, Zach isn’t shy and he welcomes guys to contact him – so click the link to do so. Also don’t forget to use the comment system to let Zach know what you think and to let Adrian and I know how we’re doing with the blog.