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Didn’t think I’d get enough time before I head to England with my partner Adrian for Xmas with his family, but I managed to get this done with a few hours to spare before the airport limo get here…

Part three of our jockstrap theme series is WORN. Buying a new jockstrap is great, but they get even better after years of use (and abuse.) If you’re like me, then you just can’t bare to part with your old jockstraps. Plus there’s just nothing better then the sight of a jockstrap that’s so worn and that it becomes practically see-through. Or even better when they’re worn through just enough so you get a glimpse of skin of the wearers cock and balls. Check these photos out and try to tell me they don’t make your hard.

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Used Jockstrap holey Jockstrap
Ass up in worn jockstrap

Happy holidays to everyone and here’s to a great new jockstrapping year.

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7 thoughts to “JOCKSTRAP THEME: WORN”

  1. This is the best pictures on the web.
    You are the man man.
    Get the worm jock a mouth up.
    Let the juice cum up.

  2. Really well-worn , threadbare, stretched-out and discolored jockstraps from lots of use and not getting washed really do it for me…I don`t know of anything hotter…especially when it`s worn by a very hairy, in- shape hot guy. You`ve got a fantastic jockstrap lover`s site and I wish you much success with it because already I can`t get
    enough of the really worn and sweat-yellowed jocks
    and the hot guys who just keep on wearing them. The first photo I saw with the practically see-through jockstrap was absolutely the hottest I`ve ever seen…and I sure am hoping to see lots
    more like that. Happy Holidays, a very Happy New Year…and wishing you great success with your
    incredibly HOT new site…looking forward to many
    more great jockstrap pictures. I`m so glad I found
    this site and will check it often. coyotejcw@gmail

  3. just wanted to say thanks a couple of years ago my boyfriend brought a pair of jocks and since then i have been going mad about them and i cannot stop buying him them lol. if you know of any good websites to buy jocks from please let me know. from shelley in England

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