black guy in a jockstrap

I just posted about Jack on our Un-der-where? Blog where he’s decked out in the British bobby uniform, and while going through his photos on UKNakedMen, at the very end of the set completely unrelated to the beginning of the photoset were these few jockstrap photos – so I had to post them here.

black men in jockstraps

british men in jockstraps

I really love UK models, they tend to be attractive, but not too polished like many of the North American ones – and very often uncut too. Of course, my partner Adrian is British, so I may be a bit biased. UKNakedMen is a pretty amazing site offering extra large photos and huge videos that are presented in multiple formats all downloadable with no stupid DRM licensing protection so you can watch them long after you’ve ended your membership. It’s definitely worth checking out.

Hey guys – I know there lots of guys regularly checking out this blog from our server stats, but sometimes it just feels like I’m only posting for Adrian and myself. Please let us know how we’re doing with the Blog, and let us know if you like a model (or not) Let us know what turns you on about jockstraps – is it a well packed pouch or a firm bubble butt framed by the straps. Do you like them pristine and clean or do you like them weeks old and scavenged out of a gym locker? There’s a comment system with the blog – just click the “comment” link below and let us know what’s up! Your first comment needs to be approved, but after the first one, they’ll show up immediately (just to pretect the blog from spam!)


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