boxing jockstrap

One of UKNakedMen‘s regular (and one of my favorite) models is back and this time he’s all done up in his boxing kit complete with Bike jockstrap. Whether Ross is a boxer or not, I’m a believer. He’s got the right look – ruggedly handsome with hair covering his muscular pecs. And then there’s the jockstrap – he wears it so well. It’s just a shame there’s not more shots of the front before he lowers the waistband to show off his eternally rock hard dick. The jock does stay on through the rest of the shoot so we get an eye full of his delicious ass framed by those Bike straps.

Ross Hurston in a Bike Jockstrap

Like I said, Ross is a regular at UkNakedMen appearing in 8 hardcore videos paired up with many of my other favorite UKNakedMen, plus he’s now got 7 full photosets under his belt. These photos are just a sampling of the 80 that makes up his full photoset. Highlights of the rest are more spit, lots of foreskin play and boot worship.

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Boxer strips down to his jock strap

Boxing with a jockstrap

boxing jockstrap

If you don’t know, UKNakedMen is in my opinion one of the hottest gay porn sites out there. They produce all original photos and videos of British and European guys. Unlike most American sites, these guys are not typical jocks you’d see in an Abercrombie and Fitch catalog, but they are more “real” Both the photos and the videos are all super large and all can be downloaded and watched at any time. Even better is that for a limited time, you can also get complete free access to their sister site – Butch Dixon – A hot site featuring older and mostly hairy guys. I’d also like to point out, that most of the UKNakedMen content I post on here is solo, but at least half of their videos are duos.