Still backed up with our Your Jockstrap submissions, but I’m slowly getting through them. If you have photos of yourself in jockstraps, then we want to see them. Just click here for information on how to submit them.

Our latest Your Jockstraps guy calls himself MetroRob2004. He’s from London, England. As you can see, he likes his well worn Bike Swimmer jockstraps, especially worn under a pair of leather chaps. What I love about the old style Bike jockstraps is how they get so comfortable and soft after being washed and washed – so much so that they tend to become slightly transparent.

Here’s what MetroRob2004 has to say:

“I am well into jocks especially with leather chaps. I wear jocks most of the time as underwear and love the feel of the straps framing my backside. OH! I also love sex in a strap – who doesn’ or bottom. I am easy either way. To be honest i am always easy when in a strap.”


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