continuing the Your Jockstraps series (jockstrap photos of our readers) here’s the latest jockstrap fan: Aiden…

bike cup supporter

bike cup supporter

Aiden has sent in these fantastic shots of himself in his Bike cup supporter. He’s 21 looking pretty damn fine from both front and back. Sometimes it seems that younger guys are just not into jockstraps so it makes really very happy when I see hot guys like Aiden dropping their drawers and showing off their jocks.

I ask each guy submitting their photos to write a little about themselves and usually I’m lucky to receive a sentence or two. Well, pay attention, Aiden has written a novel and that couldn’t make me happier. It not only adds substance to the posts, but also gives us a bit more perspective on the guy in the photos. Here’s what he has to say:

“I’m sure like anybody else I could go on and on about my life/interests etc. Who am I to pick and choose what is interesting or not? So I posted my email cus I always like talking to new ppl anyway. Feel free to msg me anytime 🙂 So I moved down to Orlando from Baltimore, MD where I grew up. I work on boats and boat motors which I learned on the Chesapeake but mechanic jobs were hard to find during the winter so I came here. I’ve had my fun in beach night life and partying the last three years I would never say I regret any of my life’s decisions. My grade school sports career was nothing spectacular. But to me and my buddies there was nothing more fun. Everyone said I was too small for football but I played anyway in 8th grade as a WR. I was so good at it cus I was fast and could fly past the multitude of overloaded ponderous linemen. Well that only lasted a year when a broken arm put me out for good, or so said my folks.”

…not sure why, but the rest of Aiden’s comment was cut off. But there you go – he wants to hear from you so….


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