Just in time! As Christmas is exploding at our house with relatives and gifts and copious amounts of booze this Christmas Eve, we get this very timely Your Jockstraps submission from a USG-online regular Ricky27.

This is also a great time to wish everyone a happy, safe and wonderful Holiday Season. Updates will most likely be a bit sporadic, but you can can look forward to more hot strapped guys here on then ever before in 2008.

Also, as a heads up, you can look forward to our second annual Jockstrap Central jockstrap contest in February, so get your jockstraps, grab your cameras, and get snapping (or should I say, get strapping?)

As for Ricky27, here’s what he has to say:

“I’ve been a SERIOUS STRAP HOUND since I was in college like nine years ago. I wear a swimmer STRAP as my undies and really enjoy seein’ other dudes in STRAPS (especially if the POUCH is bulging UMMMM). The PIC I am sending you is my ‘SANTA PIC’. Hope you enjoy it. MERRY CHRISTMAS RICKY27”

I know I sure want what’s in santa’s sack! And if I can’t have that, then a dozen new jockstraps will do. 😉

Feel free to leave comments here on Jockstrapping by clicking the “comments” link below or you can contact Ricky27 directly here:


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  1. Wow your ass is hot! I love the ammount of hair on your ass and legs. I’m jealous mate!! Great body keep it up.

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