Jack's Red SafeTGard Jockstrap
Jack's Red SafeTGard Jockstrap

Jack just sent in a bunch of his amazing jockstrap photos. Included in his collection are the Red SafeTGard Jockstrap seen above, White Bike as seen after the jump and a phenomenal black leather suspensory (which let’s us see just why he’s filling out his jockstraps so well!)

Jack writes “I am 50 year old gay man from Melbourne Australia. I’m into all types of underwear and love jockstraps, sheer underwear and leather G’s. My favorite past time is riding my motorcycle and love getting my gear off at the beach.

Maybe if we’re lucky, he’ll send some of his other underwear shots over to our Un-der-where? Blog!

There’s more photos of jack after the jump (x-rated photos ahead!)

White Bike Jockstrap on Jack
White Bike Athletic Jockstrap
Black Leather Suspensory

I’d just like to mention that Jack has one of the hottest dicks I’ve seen in a long time and it looks stunning framed by that black leather suspensory. It must be from all the ball stretching and pumping he does. He also currently wearing an impressive 2mm PA (which I’d love to see as well.)

Thanks Jack for the hot photos!

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