This is our second Your Jockstrap quickie post:

McDavid Jockstrap

Well, everyone likes a quickie, but they don’t get any quicker than this. Just a simple photo submission with the words “Today I think I’ll wear a jock…” attached. He did fill out a few parts of the form, so I can tell you that he’s from Los Angeles and he’s 41. But he wanted to remain anonymous, so if you want to let him know what you think, then click the small “comment” link at the bottom of the post to to let him (and us) what you think of his wardrobe choice for the day – the McDavid jockstrap.

2 thoughts to “YOUR JOCKSTRAPS: INKY”

  1. There’s no way in the hell you don’t know how absolutely hot your ass is. You have an awesome cock son. Thanks for sharing. I won’t tell.

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