As I promised, here’s photos from the hottest jockstrap scene I’ve ever seen. This RearStable update features Brendan Davies from my last post here and the hottest hairy guy ever – Heussein. The video is called Erotikus by Centurion XXX / Raging Stallion and it’s not only available on DVD but it’s also available to download or stream on the RearStable site.

Here’s Rearstable‘s discription of the scene between these two:

“This photo set is all about muscle, and what two muscle men look like when totally consumed in sex. Brendan Davies and Huessein are the players here, and fans of hard muscular butts and rimming action are going to be in ass play heaven. If you have a jock strap fetish, your also going to love this photo set – as both men are in matching grey jock-straps that display their rock hard ass’ to perfection.”

They’re both wearing matching grey Priape jockstraps in case you’re wondering.

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Brendan Davies and Heussein

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