Bikeguy in a red safetgard jock strap
Your Jockstrap submitted by Bikeguy

Now that the contest is almost out of the way we can pay more attention to the regular updates here on Jockstrapping…

Bikeguy submitted his photos a little while ago and I apologize to him for being late with getting them up, but check him out in his red safetgard jock and I’m sure you’ll agree it was worth the wait!

Bikeguy says “I go by Bikeguy or Bikeguy13….depending on the site…usually the latter. I’m in Cleveland, but travel often to the DC region for work.
Love straps. Love guys in straps. New ones. Used ones. Don’t give a fuck”

There’s more photos from Bikeguy after the jump (x-rated photos ahead – you’ve been warned.

great ass in a white bike jock
hanging out in a red safetgard jockstrap

Amazing front and back duo to finish off with – i approve of them both!

Just want to mention that you can pick up a red SafeTGard jockstrap over at Jockstrap Central! Sorry, had to plug the store! 🙂