benny haze in a jockstrap

Jockbutt‘s ass good as it gets when it comes to jockstrapped guys, butt this time Krunnch (hi Krunnch!) has outdone himself with his photo shoot with Benny Haze in his jockstrap. Although he really only has to focus on this hot guy’s backside, he’s done a tremendous job on the front as well.

Benny’s got one of those body types I just adore – muscled, but not hunkin’ huge (although I have been known to drool over a big guy or two as well) with a perfectly flat ripped stomach and a great ass to compliment the jockstrap.

hard ass in a jockstrap

My favorite shots are the second one where Benny is pulling the jockstrap straps up between his ass cheeks, and the one where he’s got his hands behind his head showing off his incredible shoulder and back muscles.

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benny haze in a jockstrap

benny haze in a jockstrap

If you haven’t figured it out, Jockbutt is all about hot guys and their butts. You won’t find a lot of frontal nudity, but you will find a shit load of built guys mostly in jockstraps showing off their incredible asses (although there is a dick shot with Rick’s set.) They update weekly with some of the highest quality photos and pretty huge videos that you can download (no stupid licensing bullshit here.)

The White SafeTGard jockstrap he’s wearing is of course available at our webstore Jockstrap Central so you can recreate Benny’s poses. Yes, you too will look just like Benny when you wear a super duper white SafeTGard three inch jockstrap. I know I do (at least that’s what Adrian tells me to get me to have sex with him.)