The Man With The Bulletproof Balls.

It’s not to often that we see a man willing to get shot in his junk to prove that his jockstrap design really is bulletproof.

Inventor Jeremiah Raber, has created his own “Nutshellz” brand. Jocks which are specifically designed to protect a man’s boys from a bullets and I number of any other possible junk related threats.

Check out this unreal video. You seriously have to have confidence in your product to take a bullet to your manhood.

It’s Not Just a Jockstrap…It’s a Mizpah!


Here is something for all you Jockstrap historians out there.

I present to you the Mizpah! This sassy blast from the past gives you all the support you need, and heck, when it gets dirty, you just boil it along with your potatoes.(Please use a separate pot). This is rather convenient considering you have a two week trial to figure out if they give your junk the support it needs.

The confidence of the designer and the Walter F. Ware Co was definitely high up there, either that or they wanted your dirty under gear and are as pervy we are.

Fun fact The Walter F. Ware Company also manufactured chewing gum, although they had no return policy or trial period for that.




If you’ve been on Jockstrap Central over the past two weeks, you’ve probably noticed the tall dark and handsome new guy appearing all over the place. Well, he’s our latest find and his name is Christopher.

When Christopher answered one of our jockstrap model ads with photos attached, we knew we had to get this guy in a jock. He’s a professional figure skater (hence that incredible ass of his) and was leaving in a week to go on tour for a month, so we dropped everything and shot him right then and there.

There were so many great shots, we’ve had to split the gallery into two. Here’s the first of those galleries.

(I’m trying something new with these photos, just click on the first one and you can view them all in the viewer by rolling over the large photo and clicking the NEXT button that appears)

Don’t forget, you can see even more of Christopher plus get all the jockstrap, tshirts and aprons you see in the photos over on Jockstrap Central.


jockstrap model

activeman swimmer jockstrap

Dirty Fukker Camouflage Jock Strap

Naked Chef?

Dirty Fukker Camouflage Jock Strap

There’s 24 photos, so click the following link to see the rest:

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cup supporters

Finally! Jockstrap Central now has true athletic cup supporters from Bike and Flarico. If you need solid protection for Hockey, BaseBall or from a good kick in the balls, these jockstraps will do the trick.

Bike’s Adult Hard Cup Supporter are their true classics and like our #10s are extremely hard to find in North America. Likewise, we’re carrying Flarico’s classic Adult Cup Supporter plus a new “modern” Adult Flex Cup and Supporter – a high impact resistant hard cup with flexable sides for better mobility and better fit.

All the cups come with it’s own jockstrap with pouch to slip in a cup and to ensure the cup doesn’t shift.

Hope you don’t mind us sexualizing such a masculine jockstrap, but that’s what you get when a pervert like myself is doing the artistic direction. 😉

The stunning guy in the image above is Jockstrap Central‘s latest model Christopher who’ll you be seeing a lot of over the next few weeks as we launch new products and release galleries. This has to be one of the most successful shoots we’ve done so far and we can’t wait to work with him again.