If you’ve been on Jockstrap Central over the past two weeks, you’ve probably noticed the tall dark and handsome new guy appearing all over the place. Well, he’s our latest find and his name is Christopher.

When Christopher answered one of our jockstrap model ads with photos attached, we knew we had to get this guy in a jock. He’s a professional figure skater (hence that incredible ass of his) and was leaving in a week to go on tour for a month, so we dropped everything and shot him right then and there.

There were so many great shots, we’ve had to split the gallery into two. Here’s the first of those galleries.

(I’m trying something new with these photos, just click on the first one and you can view them all in the viewer by rolling over the large photo and clicking the NEXT button that appears)

Don’t forget, you can see even more of Christopher plus get all the jockstrap, tshirts and aprons you see in the photos over on Jockstrap Central.


jockstrap model

activeman swimmer jockstrap

Dirty Fukker Camouflage Jock Strap

Naked Chef?

Dirty Fukker Camouflage Jock Strap

There’s 24 photos, so click the following link to see the rest:

Bike Hard Cup Supporter

Jockstrap Fetish Tshirt

Activeman Sports Jockstrap

Activeman Sports Jockstrap

Activeman Sports Jockstrap

Army Jock Tshirt

Christopher in Go Softwear Basic Jockstrap

Bike sports hard cup supporter

Activman Jock Strap

Go Softwear Basic Jockstrap

red athletic supporter

Army Jock and Tshirt

N2N Titan enhancing underwear

jockstrap model Christopher

N2N Titan Jockstrap

Fuck The Cook Apron

Christopher's jockstrapped ass

Activeman sports jock

Bike classic hard cup supporter

As you may have noticed, we’ve introduced a bunch of new stuff on Jockstrap Central over the past few weeks. There’s a new Suck My Jock Tshirt, an Army Jock Tshirt, a Fuck The Cook Apron (which we realize doesn’t have anything to do with jockstraps unless you want to BBQ in one and you want a little extra protection from the flames.) We’ve also added a new white Version of N2N bulge enhancing Titan Jock and lastly, a camouflage Dirty Fukker jockstrap.