Our latest Your Jockstraps submission is from a guy who calls himself (appropriately) Dik. He’s sent in loads of photos, so sit yourself down (and grab a towel, you’ll need it for this one) and read on…


Dik is 34, from Seattle, Washington and as you can see, he a hot guy with a great body and looks pretty spectacular in those jocks.

He sent in three batches of photos with a few messages, so here what he has to say:

“Name’s Richard, I prefer dik (editor’s note – strange, I do too!). Slim guy here who likes the feel of a jockstrap holding my package in place while letting my pants rub my ass. Underwear is a big turn on for me. Can’t stop looking at a well stuffed pouch. I’ve got one, you’ve got one. I’m just showing off my appreciation. Enjoy.”

…Don’t worry Dik, we are enjoying! Big time! Especially that incredible cumshot in the Bike jock and dildo coming up…



Here’s more from Dik:

“My first jock was the tru fit one from the second set, not too long ago. I liked the feel so much I started wearing it to work. I got some Bike jocks after that and throw them in my underwear rotation throughout the week. I’m always wondering who else is walking around in a jockstrap.”

Dik didn’t want me linking to his email (can’t say I blame him), but you can either let him know what you think of his photos through the comment system on this blog, or you can also catch up with him over on our USG community forums where you’ll find even more photos and info about this hot guy. Click here to check Dik out on USG


…Now I realize that technically, the Play gear isn’t a jockstrap, but I’m pretty sure you guys won’t mind that I posted the photos anyway.

And finally, here’s Dik in a Zakk Harness Jockstrap: