This Week’s Favorite Your Jockstraps Photos – Exposed Edition


Each week, we’re choosing our favorite photos that have appeared on our sister site Your Jockstraps and highlighting them here. This week we’re going with a theme: Letting the beast out.

In case you don’t know, Your Jockstraps is a completely free social site for posting your jockstrap photos and commenting on other’s. The best part is each week we’re choosing one photo from the week’s postings and the person who submitted the photo will receive a free jockstraps from Jockstrap Central.

So, if you haven’t already discovered Your Jockstraps, then what are you waiting for? Grab your jockstrap and your favorite jock, take a photos and send it in to us, and be sure to add some comments to all those hot guys in their jocks – they need your support (pun intended)

Here’s this week’s photos:



trufit jockstrap

Before I get into the details about our latest Your Jockstraps guy, let me remind you that we’re always looking for guys to submit their jockstrap photos to us. If we end up posting them we’ll send you a free jockstrap. We need at least 5 or 6 photos to do a post and although we don’t require faces in the shots, we are always looking for creativity. Photos can be X or G rated (or both). If you have any photos of yourself in your jocks, then click here to submit your photos.

Now, on to FRED. Well, to be honest, there’s not a lot to say as he’s given me few details. All I do know is that he’s from the USA and he’s wearing one of my favorite (discontinued) jocks – the Trufit. Out of the box it’s one of the hottest sports jocks out there with it’s large holed mesh pouch, but Fred’s is even hotter with it’s rips and tears – indicating that he’s likes to play rough in his jocks. Of course those rips are perfect for letting his delicious hard cock escape the confines of the pouch – as seen in the photos below!

trufit jockstrap

trufit jockstrap

Although Fred didn’t want his email linked to, you can always use the comment system (link below) to let him know what you think of his jockstrap photos


Manhammer in a Jockstrap

How can you not get excited about a guy named Manhammer?

Our latest Your Jockstraps guy was hanging out on the Jockstrap Central Facebook page when we mentioned this blog and the fact that we’re giving away a free jockstrap to guys if they submit their jockstrap photos and we use them. In no time, Manhammer’s photos were in our email inbox.

There’s so many things I love about this guy and it’s just not his hot looks, his body or that delicious dick of his, but it’s his attitude – so many guys are so damn serious, but that photo where he’s smiling is so damn sexy. It also doesn’t hurt that he’s wearing, in my opinion, one of the hottest jockstraps every made: The classic Trufit jockstrap.

Manhammer in a Jockstrap

Manhammer in a Jockstrap

Don’t forget, you can use the comment system of the blog to let us all know what you think of Manhammer plus you can use the big link below to contact him directly.



Citycat in his sports jocks

When I made my callout for guys to submit their photos to our Your Jockstraps series here on Jockstrapping Blog I asked to guys to be creative and provocative, well Citycat has accomplished both. The photos are not only unique with a lot of thought gone into each one but the simplicity of the plain sports jockstraps with the black and white photography is in perfect harmony.

Citycat in his sports jockstraps

As for Citycat, he’s pretty damn perfect with a stunning body, great jockstrappable ass and it’s pretty obvious the way he packs those jockstrap pouches that he’s got something major going on down “there” too.

Here’s what he has to say:

“Here in Europe jockstraps never were part of male growing up, guys (and shop attendants!) haven’t heard of them let alone tried one on. At least not until more recently, with fashion jockstraps becoming popular and being offered by every underwear producer with respect for themselves. Personally I’m not into these fashion jocks, at least not the smooth ones with built-in lift or push-up and what have we, but prefer the classic jockstrap with a knitted fabric pouch. Never say never though…

When I got into jockstraps a few moons back I had a hard time finding them, and the few I did find (Bike mostly) were sold in sex shops. Not that I mind going into one of those, but when you think about how readily available – and inexpensive – jocks are in North America it becomes a joke. Consequently, finding other guys into same wasn’t easy either but I did manage to locate a few thanks to the internet and did a few swaps too. Still, it never really took off – although I continued wearing my jocks all the time, and I do mean all the time; under my Levi’s at work or when shopping for food, or just the jock when at home or on the beach, etc.

Ironically, having now moved on (?) to more regular undies like trunks, briefs etc. as everyday underwear and joining the USG underwear community to discuss, show off and watch others in these, it would seem that my jockstrap pics are the ones mostly viewed and commented on! Life ain’t fair… ”

….Well, I may be a bit biased, but to me it’s pretty simple – the jockstrap is the perfect compliment to the male anatomy.

Citycat in his sports jockstraps

Citycat in his sports jockstraps

You can either use the big link below to contact Citycat directly or you can click here to visit his profile and galleries on USG-online. Also, don’t forget to use the comment section of our blog to share your thoughts on Citycat and his incredible jockstrap photos.



Kale1Hawaii is our first Your Jockstraps guy from Hawaii – proving that jockstraps are loved by all. As you can see, this guy loves tradition wearing his classic Duke and Tru Fit jockstraps and filling them out quite respectfully.

Here’s what he has to say:

“35 gwm versatile average guy in to many kinks!”

…things that makes you go hmmm? Hopefully he’ll write a comment and let us know all about his other kinks! Inquiring minds want to know.


hawaii jockstrap

As always, please use the comment system for feedback on Kale1Hawaii or if you want to contact him directly, use the big link below:




Our latest Your Jockstraps submission is from a guy who calls himself (appropriately) Dik. He’s sent in loads of photos, so sit yourself down (and grab a towel, you’ll need it for this one) and read on…


Dik is 34, from Seattle, Washington and as you can see, he a hot guy with a great body and looks pretty spectacular in those jocks.

He sent in three batches of photos with a few messages, so here what he has to say:

“Name’s Richard, I prefer dik (editor’s note – strange, I do too!). Slim guy here who likes the feel of a jockstrap holding my package in place while letting my pants rub my ass. Underwear is a big turn on for me. Can’t stop looking at a well stuffed pouch. I’ve got one, you’ve got one. I’m just showing off my appreciation. Enjoy.”

…Don’t worry Dik, we are enjoying! Big time! Especially that incredible cumshot in the Bike jock and dildo coming up…



Here’s more from Dik:

“My first jock was the tru fit one from the second set, not too long ago. I liked the feel so much I started wearing it to work. I got some Bike jocks after that and throw them in my underwear rotation throughout the week. I’m always wondering who else is walking around in a jockstrap.”

Dik didn’t want me linking to his email (can’t say I blame him), but you can either let him know what you think of his photos through the comment system on this blog, or you can also catch up with him over on our USG community forums where you’ll find even more photos and info about this hot guy. Click here to check Dik out on USG


…Now I realize that technically, the Play gear isn’t a jockstrap, but I’m pretty sure you guys won’t mind that I posted the photos anyway.

And finally, here’s Dik in a Zakk Harness Jockstrap:




Ask and you shall receive. Back in February, Justaman40 sent in 3 photos for our Your Jockstraps series ( click here to see them ) and although I loved them, I did happen to mention that 3 were not really enough and that we wanted more – well he listened.

There’s now another 9 photos, and although I love them all, I particularly love the outdoor shots. I have a fetish for seeing guys out in public in their jockstraps. In fact, during Toronto Pride last year, we convinced quite a few customers at the Jockstrap Central booth to try on their newly purchased jockstraps and to put their street clothes in a bag that we provided and walk around for the rest of the day in nothing but their jockstraps (and running shoes) – my dick was up and down all weekend long. Anyway, sorry for getting distracted…back to Justaman40…

He’s 43 and from Charleston and you don’t need me to tell you, but he’s got a fantastic bulge – perfect for those jockstraps. I particularly love the Tru Fit (i think – the labels a bit blurry) where you can clearly see the outline of his cock head.



Here’s what he has to say this time:

“hi guys….here are the new pictures I promised….I hope you approve of them and post them to your hot and sexy blog…when I saw the last set posted, my face just glowed in pride….and so did my tool…lol…I love this blog and I hope you keep up the good work…thanks again Dean aka…Justaman40”

Well Dean, I hope we’re keeping it up the good work for you. I know I’ve been rock hard doing this post.

As always guys, let us know what you think of Justaman40’s latest photos and let us know how we’re doing with our Jockstrapping blog – it’s always great to have feedback, good or bad. Tell us what you want to see!

If you want to contact Justaman40 just click the big link below: