trufit jockstrap

Before I get into the details about our latest Your Jockstraps guy, let me remind you that we’re always looking for guys to submit their jockstrap photos to us. If we end up posting them we’ll send you a free jockstrap. We need at least 5 or 6 photos to do a post and although we don’t require faces in the shots, we are always looking for creativity. Photos can be X or G rated (or both). If you have any photos of yourself in your jocks, then click here to submit your photos.

Now, on to FRED. Well, to be honest, there’s not a lot to say as he’s given me few details. All I do know is that he’s from the USA and he’s wearing one of my favorite (discontinued) jocks – the Trufit. Out of the box it’s one of the hottest sports jocks out there with it’s large holed mesh pouch, but Fred’s is even hotter with it’s rips and tears – indicating that he’s likes to play rough in his jocks. Of course those rips are perfect for letting his delicious hard cock escape the confines of the pouch – as seen in the photos below!

trufit jockstrap

trufit jockstrap

Although Fred didn’t want his email linked to, you can always use the comment system (link below) to let him know what you think of his jockstrap photos


  1. just like mine..but do not lke mesh …prefer silk or something smooth like that and elastic tight to pull in fatty bits!!!!!

  2. You are smoking hot! would love to drain those hairy balls of yours all over my face. I would love to hear from you if for no other reason but to see some more and possibly chat sometime. yahoo screen name orgr8guy

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