Ask and you shall receive. Back in February, Justaman40 sent in 3 photos for our Your Jockstraps series ( click here to see them ) and although I loved them, I did happen to mention that 3 were not really enough and that we wanted more – well he listened.

There’s now another 9 photos, and although I love them all, I particularly love the outdoor shots. I have a fetish for seeing guys out in public in their jockstraps. In fact, during Toronto Pride last year, we convinced quite a few customers at the Jockstrap Central booth to try on their newly purchased jockstraps and to put their street clothes in a bag that we provided and walk around for the rest of the day in nothing but their jockstraps (and running shoes) – my dick was up and down all weekend long. Anyway, sorry for getting distracted…back to Justaman40…

He’s 43 and from Charleston and you don’t need me to tell you, but he’s got a fantastic bulge – perfect for those jockstraps. I particularly love the Tru Fit (i think – the labels a bit blurry) where you can clearly see the outline of his cock head.



Here’s what he has to say this time:

“hi guys….here are the new pictures I promised….I hope you approve of them and post them to your hot and sexy blog…when I saw the last set posted, my face just glowed in pride….and so did my tool…lol…I love this blog and I hope you keep up the good work…thanks again Dean aka…Justaman40”

Well Dean, I hope we’re keeping it up the good work for you. I know I’ve been rock hard doing this post.

As always guys, let us know what you think of Justaman40’s latest photos and let us know how we’re doing with our Jockstrapping blog – it’s always great to have feedback, good or bad. Tell us what you want to see!

If you want to contact Justaman40 just click the big link below: