armando cortez

I was going to post some new Jockstrap Central photos, but decided to wait a day – just don’t want to make Jockstrapping too Jockstrap Central heavy. It’s just that we’ve been really busy lately launching new products and shooting new models, so there’s so much to post. Anyway…

When I saw Armando, it was lust at first site. He’s the perfect balance of cute, handsome and rugged and when you consider his near perfect ass in that SafeTGard jockstrap and his furry tight body, you’ll understand why drool is dripping on my keyboard.

armando cortez in a jockstrap

This probably won’t come as a surprise, but Armando is a bottom in Raging Stallion Films and you can see his ass in action over on Rear Stable where they not only have a hot action set where he’s getting fucked in his jockstrap by another hot jockstrapped hunk. There’s also a hot scene (video) from one of his films he did for Centurian called Monument on Rear Stable, so if you’re as crazy over Armando as I am, you’ll want to signup to Rear Stable for a more in depth look at this fine furry fellow.

click the link for more photos:

armando cortez jockstrap

safetgard jockstrap

handsome hairy guy in a jockstrap

armando cortez

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