Citycat in his sports jocks

When I made my callout for guys to submit their photos to our Your Jockstraps series here on Jockstrapping Blog I asked to guys to be creative and provocative, well Citycat has accomplished both. The photos are not only unique with a lot of thought gone into each one but the simplicity of the plain sports jockstraps with the black and white photography is in perfect harmony.

Citycat in his sports jockstraps

As for Citycat, he’s pretty damn perfect with a stunning body, great jockstrappable ass and it’s pretty obvious the way he packs those jockstrap pouches that he’s got something major going on down “there” too.

Here’s what he has to say:

“Here in Europe jockstraps never were part of male growing up, guys (and shop attendants!) haven’t heard of them let alone tried one on. At least not until more recently, with fashion jockstraps becoming popular and being offered by every underwear producer with respect for themselves. Personally I’m not into these fashion jocks, at least not the smooth ones with built-in lift or push-up and what have we, but prefer the classic jockstrap with a knitted fabric pouch. Never say never though…

When I got into jockstraps a few moons back I had a hard time finding them, and the few I did find (Bike mostly) were sold in sex shops. Not that I mind going into one of those, but when you think about how readily available – and inexpensive – jocks are in North America it becomes a joke. Consequently, finding other guys into same wasn’t easy either but I did manage to locate a few thanks to the internet and did a few swaps too. Still, it never really took off – although I continued wearing my jocks all the time, and I do mean all the time; under my Levi’s at work or when shopping for food, or just the jock when at home or on the beach, etc.

Ironically, having now moved on (?) to more regular undies like trunks, briefs etc. as everyday underwear and joining the USG underwear community to discuss, show off and watch others in these, it would seem that my jockstrap pics are the ones mostly viewed and commented on! Life ain’t fair… ”

….Well, I may be a bit biased, but to me it’s pretty simple – the jockstrap is the perfect compliment to the male anatomy.

Citycat in his sports jockstraps

Citycat in his sports jockstraps

You can either use the big link below to contact Citycat directly or you can click here to visit his profile and galleries on USG-online. Also, don’t forget to use the comment section of our blog to share your thoughts on Citycat and his incredible jockstrap photos.



  1. Citycat epitomizes the handsomeness of the male anatomy in a jockstrap. Nothings shows it off better and he packs a lot into them!

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