Jockstrap Central Fetish Gear Sale – 15% to 30% all Fetish Jockstraps and Fetish Wear

Fetish Gear Sale at Jockstrap Central\

Time to gear up! And we’re here to help. Until Sunday, April 30th, all the fetish jockstraps and fetish wear at Jockstrap Central is on sale between 15% and 30% off. Everything from jockstraps to fetish shorts, wrestling singlets to socks and jock briefs to armored leggings.

Rarely on sale for more than 10% off, our entire Nasty Pig collection is on sale including our newly restocked Core Jocks and Titanium Jocks and Briefs. Likewise, our Maskulo sports fetish gear is on sale as well.

From Cellblock 13, we’ve got our discontinued Fusion jocks, jock briefs and shorts with mesh pouches and U-bulge technology. Our Cellblock 13 Xtreme Hybrid jocks,jock briefs, shorts and harnesses with built in cock rings are also on sale but the stock is very limited as we’re waiting patiently on a restock order, but if you’re lucky you can snag your size.

Our Italian Sports Fetish Collection of jocks, jock briefs, briefs and socks is also included in the sale along with our exclusive Raw Studio lines; the new leather-look PVC War jocks, the discontinued army inspired Military jocks and also all the leather cock rings and cock contraptions.

If you’re looking for some full-frontal fun, be sure to check out all our sexy and slinky Male Power Xtreme creations with holes or cock rings to expose your junk. The Male Power rip-off harnesses are also on sale.

Finally, our entire Full Kit Gear collection of jockstraps, jock briefs and shorts are included in the sale so be sure to grab the Full Kit Gear Service Shorts with easy access (or exit) front and back zippers, the discontinued Open Back Trunks and the stunning Steam Brief in all the amazing bold color combinations.

There’s too much to mention so just click the following link to check out the complete Fetish Gear Sale:


Fetish Gear Sale at Jockstrap Central



If you’ve been on Jockstrap Central over the past two weeks, you’ve probably noticed the tall dark and handsome new guy appearing all over the place. Well, he’s our latest find and his name is Christopher.

When Christopher answered one of our jockstrap model ads with photos attached, we knew we had to get this guy in a jock. He’s a professional figure skater (hence that incredible ass of his) and was leaving in a week to go on tour for a month, so we dropped everything and shot him right then and there.

There were so many great shots, we’ve had to split the gallery into two. Here’s the first of those galleries.

(I’m trying something new with these photos, just click on the first one and you can view them all in the viewer by rolling over the large photo and clicking the NEXT button that appears)

Don’t forget, you can see even more of Christopher plus get all the jockstrap, tshirts and aprons you see in the photos over on Jockstrap Central.


jockstrap model

activeman swimmer jockstrap

Dirty Fukker Camouflage Jock Strap

Naked Chef?

Dirty Fukker Camouflage Jock Strap

There’s 24 photos, so click the following link to see the rest:

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straight guy in a jockstrap

Remember how we wanted to see Jeff from STR8CAM in a few of our jockstraps so we sent him some. Well I’m happy to report that he is still wearing them and giving them the old stress test – and from these photos it looks like the Bodyworksman Army Jockstrap is passing with flying colors. If it isn’t his hot stiff cock that stretching the pouch, it’s his rock hard ass and thighs that’s working those straps. Now that I think about it, I think I may just want that jockstrap back – but only if it’s unlaundered with the big juicy loads he shoots all over it at the end of this whole session.

str8cam jeff

str8cam jeff in a jockstrap

str8cam jeff in a jockstrap

str8cam jeff in a jockstrap

What really makes Jeff and his website so great is that he’s a really nice guy. He’s straight, but he a true exhibitionist and loves what he does. So many good looking guys on camera have tons of attitude, but not Jeff. He’s runs an amazing site that will certainly keep you entertained. Even when there’s not a straight live show, there more archived content then you’ll ever know what to do with.


…and don’t forget, you can grab yourself a Army Jockstrap so you can give it your own personal stress test over at Jockstrap Central.