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Isn’t It Time To Think About You?

Sure, the spirit of the holiday is about giving, but now your shopping is done. You’ve trudged through the snow (or through the sweltering sun for our friends in the southern hemisphere) and you’ve battled crowds in malls and may even have bruises to show for it, but it’s all over and we think it’s now time to treat yourself.

In celebration of another shopping victory, Jockstrap Central is offering 15% off of everything from now until December 27th (midnight) – so treat yourself, you deserve it!

How Do I Do It?

It’s easy. As soon as you put any jockstraps and underwear into your shopping cart on Jockstrap Central, on the cart page, you’ll see a box to input a discount code. Just type “allaboutme” (without the quotes) and click the RECALCULATE button and 15% will be deducted from your total. You can continue shopping, or continue to the check out. Anything else you put into the shopping cart during that session will also have the 15% deducted.



bike number ten jockstrap

When you say the word jockstrap most guys will automatically think about the Bike Number 10. It’s a classic. It’s for this reason, we can’t understand why Bike would make a decision to discontinue the ultimate jockstrap. I do understand that technically Bike’s new jockstrap designs are better with their ultra soft waistbands and Aeroskin Dry moisture wicking pouches, but the Number Ten is still pretty phenomenal.

When Jockstrap Central found out they were dropping the #10, we grabbed every last one we could from our supplier and we’re pretty sure we’re the last online retailer to have any stock left. Luckily, we have a lot, but the way they are selling, they aren’t going to last forever. We’ve even sold multiple dozens to sports teams in the states.

So, if you love your Number Tens, then you may want to stock up. Get one (or more even) at Jockstrap Central.

To show our respect for this classic jock, here’s a gallery I put together with Jockstrap Central model’s (and husbands) Peter and Steve. Enjoy!

bike number ten jockstrap

bike jock strap

bike number ten jock strap

classic jockstraps

bike jockstrap

bike number ten jockstrap



kinkwear jockstraps

We were looking for an excuse to get our hot Portuguese model Paulo back in front of the camera and the launch of the new Kinkwear jockstraps was it. These new jockstraps range from athletic fashion with their Sport Mesh jockstraps in white red and yellow to their fun For Rent jockstrap to the completely outrageous Fishnet Jockstrap (which Paulo fills out quite nicely with his big thick uncut cock – not that I was looking!)

allstar jockstrap

My absolute favorite of the seven new designs is the All Star Jock which we have been calling the Wonder Woman jockstrap here at Jockstrap Central Headquarters. Not because it’s a girlie jockstrap, but only because the big red and white star on that striking blue pouch makes it look like something a Superhero would wear.

fishnet jockstrap

The Fishnet Jockstrap is also pretty cool, and although it looks simliar to the Zakk Fishnet Jockstrap, I like it much better as it’s got a shorter pouch and gives much more support.

Here’s a bunch of photos from the Kinkwear photoshoot and don’t forget to check out the complete line over at Jockstrap Central:

kinkwear jockstrap

fishnet jockstrap

white sports mesh jockstrap

mesh jockstrap

superhero jockstrap

white sports mesh jockstrap

mesh Kinkwear Jockstrap

For Rent Jockstrap

Portuguese model Paulo

sports mesh jockstrap



We know that the tenth anniversary is supposed to be tin, however when it concerns the 10th Anniversary of allkink’s jockstrap locker room we seem to think wood is more appropriate!

To help celebrate this event, Jockstrap Central offered Tom who is the creator, inspiration and driving force behind allkink, 10 #10 BIKE jockstraps to do with as he wished. He chose to give them out to participants in his Jock Zone chat room throughout the evening of the actual Anniversary (September 7th). Tom then provided us with the names and addresses of the lucky Guys who won – a #10 was on it’s way to them within 48 hours free of charge!

One of the winners who goes by the user name j&c or jnc – short for jocked and cupped – has since sent us some photos to share with our blog readers.

We certainly enjoyed looking at them, we hope you enjoy them too!

BIKE #10 jockstrap winner

If you’re anything like me, nothing gets me off more than seeing the outline of a cock, or cock head through the webbing of a jockstrap pouch, now all I need to do is get it all wet with some saliva…

BIKE #10 jockstrap winnerBIKE #10 jockstrap winner

More photos after the jump.

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mesh jockstrap

What a mesh er…. mess you’ll make after checking out these incredible mesh jockstrap photos.

We gave a friend (we’ll call him Nova) a few of our jockstraps. He models in his spare time, and as a result has some pretty amazing photographer friends. So when you add all that up, the results, as you can see are nothing but stunning. For these photos, Nova chose the Go Softwear Greek Mesh Jockstrap and the Zakk Fishnet and they’ve never looked so good, as he plays with the stretchy weave to accentuates his package (as if it needed accentuating!)

Check out the photos, and don’t forget to CLICK THE PHOTOS TO ENLARGE THEM!

mesh jock strap
mesh jockstrap
go softwear mesh jockstrap
mesh jockstrap
mesh jock strap
mesh jockstrap

Be sure and let Nova know what you think about his photos by writing a comment below! If you want to get yourself the jockstraps that Nova is wearing, you can pick up the mesh jockstraps here.


Tighty Whitey Jockstrap

One of the many highlights of Jockstrap Central for Adrian and Me have to be our photoshoots. Beyond the fact that we get to watch hunky models stripping in front of us and trying on jockstraps for 4 to 5 hours straight, they’re just plain fun with lots of carrying on. I’m sure most people don’t realize what goes on behind the scenes, so I’m posting a series of photos from one of our recent shoots with Peter Rex and his husband Steve Martin (the current Mr. Leatherman Toronto)

In the shoots, you’ll also catch glimpses of myself (John), Adrian, and Ed (the owner and designer of Raw Studio) who was acting as creative director for this particular shoot. Also behind the camera is Norman our photographer (and good friend.)

There’s a lot of photos, so I’m breaking it up with a jump link. Make sure you click the “continue” link after the first set to check out the second half…

Bike #10 Jockstrap

Loose threads on Peter's Bodyworksmen Army Jock

Revealing the jockstrap

Who's lost their jockstrap

Peter adjusting his MG Jockstrap

peter and steve show off their jockstraps

There’s more behind the scenes photos after the jump:

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Suspensory Jockstrap

We’ve just added the Go Softwear suspensory jockstrap to our collection on Jockstrap Central, and it created quite a challenge in just how to display the jockstrap.

As you most likely realize by now, we’ve always tried to be honest with displaying what we’re selling. Unlike most other stores, we don’t shy away from nudity, if it’s what the jockstrap / underwear is about. You can see what I’m talking about in some of our see-through jockstraps, but the suspensory is a whole different kettle of fish. With the suspensory jock, you just can’t be subtle. It’s for that reason alone, that it took us this long to carry it.

We had many doors closed on us because we decided to show see-through garments the way they’re supposed to be. So after much thought and deliberation, we finally decided “Fuck Them All!” We ordered them and I think we’ve come up with a perfect balance in the way we’ve decided to deal with the blatant dick sticking out of that hole. We give our customers a warning and it’s their option to venture further to the full monty.

Here, on Jockstrapping however, we don’t have to hide anything so we’re showing you all the photos from the photoshoot that didn’t make it online at Jockstrap Central. Despite the medical and sports functionality of this style of jockstrap, I don’t think anyone can deny just how sexy they are with the pouch cradling the balls and the hole propping your dick front and forward.

Check them out in all their glory after the jump…

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