mesh jockstrap

What a mesh er…. mess you’ll make after checking out these incredible mesh jockstrap photos.

We gave a friend (we’ll call him Nova) a few of our jockstraps. He models in his spare time, and as a result has some pretty amazing photographer friends. So when you add all that up, the results, as you can see are nothing but stunning. For these photos, Nova chose the Go Softwear Greek Mesh Jockstrap and the Zakk Fishnet and they’ve never looked so good, as he plays with the stretchy weave to accentuates his package (as if it needed accentuating!)

Check out the photos, and don’t forget to CLICK THE PHOTOS TO ENLARGE THEM!

mesh jock strap
mesh jockstrap
go softwear mesh jockstrap
mesh jockstrap
mesh jock strap
mesh jockstrap

Be sure and let Nova know what you think about his photos by writing a comment below! If you want to get yourself the jockstraps that Nova is wearing, you can pick up the mesh jockstraps here.

10 thoughts to “WHAT A MESH!”

  1. Thanks for posting the photos. The modeling sessions I used them for were amazing. As you can see I was getting fully aroused by the feel of the jocks and the erotic sensation of the being photographed in them.

    I look forward to sending you more images soon.

    As always if you ever need me to model something just let me know.

    Keep strappin, Nova


    The only NEGATIVE thing is when you let your LOAD CUM OUT there is nothing to catch it! That is really a small price to pay for having such a HOOOOT LOOK!!


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