Just wanted to apologize for the slow updates but I had some nagging work to do. I’ve spent the last three days converting one of our other blogs over from Movable Type to WordPress. I really didn’t care for Movable type, and our other three blogs are all using the WordPress system. And the WordPress system is free and I love working with it. However, moving the blog over was a project I was avoiding like the Plague. Luckily WordPress made importing the 4 years of posts into the new system a breeze, but what it couldn’t do is format the post, so I had to manually go through each post and update them to the new system It’s done and I think it looks 100% better than the old blog.

I know it’s not a jockstrap blog, but it’s about underwear (which often included jockstraps) so if you have some time, please check out Un-der-where?

And back to jockstrap – I have a new Jockstrap Theme post going up in a little while – hope you enjoy it!