stripping after the gym

I’m not so sure just how “fresh” that jockstrap is if Fprints just got back from the gym. I’m not saying it won’t smell good, just that by the dictionary definition, it won’t be exactly fresh. I’m just saying.

Fprints is a regular on our other site, USG-online and he posted this stripping series over there on the message boards. When I saw the set, I knew that you guys would appreciate it. So, I sent him a private message asking his permission to repost it here, and he said yes! (kind of figured he would, it’s not like he’s shy or anything)

stripping after the gym

stripping after the gym

Anyway, It’s a pretty big post with 15 photos, but I just didn’t want to cut out any of them. It’s a great stripping sequence and Fprints look fantastic in his C-IN2 jockstrap, so be sure to click the “continue” link to see the full set.

Here’s what Fprints wrote about the set:

“I’ve been active all day. Dance class, work, then for a 3 mile run in just under 21 minutes. Then I hopped on my bike and rode home and this is what happened… Trust me, that jockstrap smells so good.”

…Someone just has to invent the first scratch and sniff computer monitor!

ok, click this for the rest of the photos:

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This is the second in our USG Jockstrap Series and we’re featuring Jockluver. Jockluver is one hot guy and prolific poster over on From his profile over on USG, he loves most styles of underwear and he’s a big fan of Jockey Underwear (and we are too, based on his first photo.) From checking out his other photos, I have to admit that he looks damn good in anything, but my personal (biased) favorite has to be his jockstrap photos seen here.

Click the jump link to see more photos of Jockluver.

(more photos (some x-rated) after the jump…)

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USG User Galleries (over 11,000 free underwear photos so far) are a sure bet to find incredible self-submitted jockstrap photos. We’re going to feature some of our favorites periodically here on Jockstrapping. To start off this feature we’re highlighting one of the USG users: ButtBagg. As you can tell he’s got a fantastic ass that was made for a jockstrap. Click the jump link to see more photos and for more info on ButtBagg:

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