stripping after the gym

I’m not so sure just how “fresh” that jockstrap is if Fprints just got back from the gym. I’m not saying it won’t smell good, just that by the dictionary definition, it won’t be exactly fresh. I’m just saying.

Fprints is a regular on our other site, USG-online and he posted this stripping series over there on the message boards. When I saw the set, I knew that you guys would appreciate it. So, I sent him a private message asking his permission to repost it here, and he said yes! (kind of figured he would, it’s not like he’s shy or anything)

stripping after the gym

stripping after the gym

Anyway, It’s a pretty big post with 15 photos, but I just didn’t want to cut out any of them. It’s a great stripping sequence and Fprints look fantastic in his C-IN2 jockstrap, so be sure to click the “continue” link to see the full set.

Here’s what Fprints wrote about the set:

“I’ve been active all day. Dance class, work, then for a 3 mile run in just under 21 minutes. Then I hopped on my bike and rode home and this is what happened… Trust me, that jockstrap smells so good.”

…Someone just has to invent the first scratch and sniff computer monitor!

ok, click this for the rest of the photos:

stripping after the gym

stripping after the gym

stripping down to a jockstrap

sweaty jockstrap

sweaty jock strap

stripping after a workout

sweaty C-IN2 jockstrap

after the workout sweaty jockstrap

home after the gym

smelly jockstrap

hot guy in a jockstrap

sweaty jockstrap

From his USG-online profile, Fprints is 20, from Philadelphia and a college student with a passion for undergarments.

Be sure to let us know (using the comment system) what you think of Fprints’ photos. The best way to contact him is through USG. You can either check out his gallery there, or his profile, and if you want to contact him, register and send him a PM (private message)