PPU Shaft Jocks Launched at Jockstrap Central

PPU Shaft Jockstraps at Jockstrap Central


Although PPU doesn’t give their creations names, we do and we’re calling this brand new jock the PPU Shaft Jock for fairly obvious reasons. It’s a sexy jockstrap in either a conservative (not really!) solid fabric or a hide nothing sheer version both with a unique criss-cross lifting effect and 3D shaft sheath. Sheer or solid, your full manhood is on full display. Here’s the details:

It’s like a ball-lifter and shaft display suit all-in-one. With an elastic criss-cross loop suspended from the waistband and the hole formed from the loop filled in with either a sheer or solid contoured stretchy fabric sheath. The loop provides a bit of lift and the sheath provides nothing really other than a sexy way to show off your junk. The effect, however is pretty spectacular.

With a plushed one-inch wide comfort waistband with a sexy sheen with repeating PPU logo in grey woven into the band and equally soft one inch wide elastic leg straps to finish it all off.

Available in either black or red sheer or blue or white solid. Just remember, it’s all fun and games until someone pokes an eye out!


Male Power Strapped and Bound Gear at Jockstrap Central

Male Power Strapped and Bound


You’ll be strapped to run out of possibilities and bound to have fun with our all new Male Power Strapped and Bound erotic gear consisting of a jockstrap, an exposing short and a ridiculously hot thong all made with a semi-sheer foil print fabric texturized with raised braille with lots of stretchy faux-leather straps and trim. Here’s the details:

Male Power Strapped and Bound Strappy Jockstrap:

The pouch is made with the semi-sheer blue and black fabric. The pouch has a single vertical strap down the center plus more leather-look piping edges it. But where it really gets interesting is the series of five straps that bound your junk then run around to the back meeting up with the jockstrap’s one-inch-wide leg straps. Finally, a one-and-a-quarter-inch wide waistband in faux-leather with metal Male Power emblem finish it all off.

Male Power Strapped and Bound Strappy Short:

It’s essentially a crotchless short made with the sheer blue and black fabric with a shaft of completely see-through fine black mesh so you’re prominently on display. The pouch is contoured so you really get an exposed torpedo effect. Leather-look straps provide detailing, edge the leg openings and also edge the crotch opening forcing the short to hug your body and your junk to extend out for a 3D effect. The mesh is also stretchy enough to contain your erection.

Male Power Strapped and Bound Strappy Thong:

With a front pouch panel made with the sheer blue and black fabric. A series of stretchy leather-look horizontal straps at the top of the pouch become the waistband while more straps edge the pouch and end up running around to the back parallel to waistband. And speaking of the back, this is where things gets crazy hot: In the rear, the upper and lower straps join and split so some run above your butt, some split your ass-crack dead center and others run low, join up and run down and disappear into your crevice.


They’re all sexy but complicated to describe so just head to our website to find our hunky Italian model Simon showing you the ropes.


Raw Studio Stick Shift Cock-centric Gear is here

Raw Studio Stick Shift Collection


Put it in high gear with Raw Studio’s latest collection we’re calling Stick Shift, a collection guaranteed to get you from 0 to 90 degrees erect in 10 seconds flat. Consisting of a ball lifting cock sling, some double cock ring contraptions and some seriously stylin’ cock rings. This hard to find (pun intended) gear is practically exclusive, hand crafted in Toronto and totally affordable. Here’s the details:

Raw Studio Cock Ring Sling

The Raw Studio Cock Ring Sling is a silicone cock ring suspended from a wide elastic waistband with a leather strap with a single snap. So you can not only get rock hard and stay that way with the help of the ring but you get a lifting effect even when you’re soft and want a better bulge. Plus, with the snap, you can replace the included cock ring with one of your own. Who says you can’t have it all?

Raw Studio Duo Rubber Cock Rings (Separate, fixed or with snaps)

It’s a set of silicone cock rings in three variations. The simplest is just a set of the rubber rings, one larger to wear around your dick and balls and the smaller to wear around the base of your shaft. The fixed version, joins the two rings together with a leather strap with a single metal stud. The snap version has a leather strap to join the rings, but the rings are removable so you can replace them with the cock rings of your choice.

Raw Studio Biker Leather Cock Ring

This ring channels motor cycle clubs with three rows of small metal studs affixed to a half inch soft leather band. With snaps so it’s fully adjustable.

Raw Studio Tread Leather Cock Ring

A soft leather half-inch wide band with a strip of stunning textured rubber in shades of grey. It looks a lot like a mini tire tread – hence the name.


As always, visit the Jockstrap Central website to check our not shy model Andrew in all our uncensored photos to show you how it all works. Stick Shift joins all the previous Raw Studio Flaunt It gear and cock ring designs for an arsenal of cock and bulge-centric fun.


Get a Free Pair of Male Power Underwear at Jockstrap Central

Free Male Power Underwear


We love Male Power for their fun, overtly sexy and erotic designs and based on how much Male Power we’ve sold over the past nine years so do our countless customers. Whether it’s their super silky soft Male Power Bamboo Jockstraps and lounge pants, their kinky Extreme collection of full-frontal gear with holes and cock-rings, their brief and jock hybrid called the Male Power Moonshine (now available with handy zippers), our fetish meets frontal fun Male Power Rip-off Harness or our recently introduced Slick-it collection of skin hugging underwear, there really is something for everyone in our Male Power lineup at Jockstrap Central. To celebrate these nine years, and in conjunction with Male Power we’re giving away free Male Power underwear. Read on…

For the next three days, until Friday, October 13th at midnight, when you place an order at Jockstrap Central and it includes any Male Power product we’re going to be including an extra and totally free pair of Male Power underwear with your order. The free underwear is from a selection of jockstraps and underwear Male Power sent us for the promotion (which are not currently available on our website). We won’t say what the free gift is, but will say that all the secret bulgetastic freebies all have a hidden enhancing surprise inside.

There’s only a few rules: The free underwear is our choice but you do get to choose your preferred size on the final page of checking out (the receipt page). Due to limited supply, only one free gift per order and finally, offer is not available retroactively.


Exclusive photos: Raw Studio Flaunt It Bulge Boosters and Full Frontal Gear

Raw Studio Force 1 Bulge Booster

Here’s a sampling of Jockstrap Central‘s photos of their new Raw Studio Flaunt It Gear, featuring hot Italian/Austrian model Simon.

We’ve been telling Raw Studio to come out with a sexy, in your face collection of jocks and kinky display suits. A collection that’s all about the bulge or going full-frontal, and boy did they deliver with Flaunt It. It’s no surprise, to us anyway, that that it’s flying off the shelves, in fact we’re already sold out of the Raw Studio Flexi Velcro Cock Rings (in all your favorite fetish colors) and stock of the Raw Studio Force 1 Bulge Boosters is also getting low.

The good news is that Raw Studio is local to Jockstrap Central so we should be able to get a restock of the cock rings fairly quickly!

In the mean time, here’s a selection of our exclusive photos featuring our hunky model Simon. We can’t stop using him as a model, not only because he’s so good looking, but also because he has no issues getting his dick out when we need it. Slurp!

Be sure to snag yourself some of the Raw Studio Flaunt It Collection (and don’t forget to send us photos of you in it either on our Twitter feed or upload them to our Your Jockstraps website ( selfie jockstrap gallery ).


Raw Studio Fishnet Strapless Sock

Raw Studio Maneuver Matrix Ball Lifter Jockstrap

Raw Studio Sheer Strapless Sock

Raw Studio Force 1 Bulge Booster

Raw Studio Fishnet Strapless Sock

Raw Studio Sheer Strapless Sock

Raw Studio Flexi Velcro Cock Ring

Raw Studio Force 1 Bulge Booster

Raw Studio Force 1 Bulge Booster

Raw Studio Matrix Strapless Sock

Raw Studio Maneuver Matrix Ball Lifter Jockstrap

Male Power Slick It Fetish Gear at Jockstrap Central

Male Power Slick It Fetish Wear


Just arrived: Male Power steps up it’s erotic gear with three new styles we’re called Slick It. All made with a sexy body clinging stretchy black fabric and some with removable bits and pieces for some exposing possibilities. Here’s the details:

Male Power Poseidon Chaps Short with Rip-off Thong

By far the most exciting: The Male Power Poseidon Chaps and Rip-off Thong is two-in-one fun. The outer short is like a pair of chaps in a super shiny, sleek and stretchy fabric that’s completely open from the front and back. In the back, the top of the shorts has two metal rings and an elastic straps joining them to ensure the perfect fit.

Separate from the short is a fully detachable thong with a super sexy slim pouch with an upper strap that loops around the waistband and reattaches to itself using Velcro and finished off with a metal ring. The back splits into a sexy Y, the tops loop around the waistband and attaches to itself using Velcro . The bottom of the Y disappears into the crevice between your cheeks inviting anyone to dive in after it.

The best feature is that the chaps short can be worn together with the thong as a set or simply on it’s own for some sexy full-frontal fun gear.

Male Power Liquid Onyx Pouch Short

The Liquid Onyx Pouch Short is meant to be worn skin tight so the contoured pouch and clinging stretchy material bulges out in all the right places. There’s no guess work involved, they’ll know exactly what you’re packing. It’s a jet black shiny short short with a tiny 2.5 inch inseam.

Liquid Onyx is a body hugging fabric made of polyester and spandex, so sleek and shiny, giving it the appearance of PVC, but with a more comfortable feel and easier to care for.

Wear it as underwear, fetish wear or even outerwear if you dare.

Male Power Liquid Onyx Pouch Short

The Male Power Oedipus Stud Thong is a sexy piece of kit with a studded pouch which is extremely narrow in a black, super shiny, sleek and stretchy fabric. It’s in fact two pieces. The first is a simple elasticized waistband in black with repeating metal studs. Completely separate is the pouch which narrows at the top to a strap which loops around the waistband and reattaches to itself using Velcro and is finished off with a metal ring.

In the back the thong is a single strap – the top loops around the waistband and attaches to itself using Velcro . The bottom disappears into the crevice between your cheeks which is beyond sexy.


If you’re looking for fun erotic wear and fetish wear without the huge investment in leather, or you simply want a new get up to make you feel sexy then Male Power is your brand. Be sure to check out our full selection of Male Power erotic gear.


Male Power Slick It Fetish Wear

X-rated Good Devil Cock-out Jocks

Good Devil Cock-out Jock
Good Devil Cock-out Jock


The name says it all: Good Devil Cock-out Jock. Get ready to rock out with your cock out in a jock. The hardest part will be deciding which hole you want serviced.

If it isn’t obvious, the main feature is the hole in the front of the jock so your shaft is out front and on display, but even without this hot feature, this is an awesome slinky and semi-shiny jock-brief with a brief-like front which runs around the back narrowing with points scooping down to join to the wide leg straps – framing your ass in the most mesmerizing way.

This is one fun and totally hot jock which brings new meaning to letting it all hang out.

Be sure to visit Jockstrap Central for the totally X-rated and totally uncensored photos of Draven Torres in the Cock-out Jocks.


Expose Yourself with Pistol Pete’s all new Fishnet Xpose Singlet

Pistol Pete Xpose Singlet
Pistol Pete Xpose Singlet

It doesn’t get much hotter than this – a wrestling singlet that shows off everything you’ve got made from a wide durable fishnet mesh with four way stretch not only guaranteeing a perfect fit but allowing for expansion when you spring that inevitable boner. If you’re going to own any piece of the Pistol Pete collection – this is it. It’s the pinnacle of erotic playwear design.

Here’s the details:

Like we said, it’s mesh with a four-way stretch aided by the hint of Spandex which also helps maintain shape. The fishnet is the entire garment except the edging which is a contrasting white piping not only for support but added visual effect.

One last thing about the mesh: It’s brilliant. Not only does it expose everything you’ve got, but the fishnet pattern creates awesome visuals playing on your every bulge, curve and crevice.

We probably don’t have to tell you this, but you have to check out Jockstrap Central to see our model Trevor putting Pistol Pete’s Xpose Singlets through their paces in a fashion only Jockstrap Central would dare too. Definitely Not Safe For Work!