Male Power Strapped and Bound Gear at Jockstrap Central

Male Power Strapped and Bound


You’ll be strapped to run out of possibilities and bound to have fun with our all new Male Power Strapped and Bound erotic gear consisting of a jockstrap, an exposing short and a ridiculously hot thong all made with a semi-sheer foil print fabric texturized with raised braille with lots of stretchy faux-leather straps and trim. Here’s the details:

Male Power Strapped and Bound Strappy Jockstrap:

The pouch is made with the semi-sheer blue and black fabric. The pouch has a single vertical strap down the center plus more leather-look piping edges it. But where it really gets interesting is the series of five straps that bound your junk then run around to the back meeting up with the jockstrap’s one-inch-wide leg straps. Finally, a one-and-a-quarter-inch wide waistband in faux-leather with metal Male Power emblem finish it all off.

Male Power Strapped and Bound Strappy Short:

It’s essentially a crotchless short made with the sheer blue and black fabric with a shaft of completely see-through fine black mesh so you’re prominently on display. The pouch is contoured so you really get an exposed torpedo effect. Leather-look straps provide detailing, edge the leg openings and also edge the crotch opening forcing the short to hug your body and your junk to extend out for a 3D effect. The mesh is also stretchy enough to contain your erection.

Male Power Strapped and Bound Strappy Thong:

With a front pouch panel made with the sheer blue and black fabric. A series of stretchy leather-look horizontal straps at the top of the pouch become the waistband while more straps edge the pouch and end up running around to the back parallel to waistband. And speaking of the back, this is where things gets crazy hot: In the rear, the upper and lower straps join and split so some run above your butt, some split your ass-crack dead center and others run low, join up and run down and disappear into your crevice.


They’re all sexy but complicated to describe so just head to our website to find our hunky Italian model Simon showing you the ropes.