Fred Sugar model Cody Hans unboxing Jockstrap Central Gear (NSFW!)

Fred Sugar model Cody Hans Unboxing Jockstrap Central gear


In case you don’t know, Fred Sugar is photographer, talent scout and porn producer. He’s someone I’ve admired for his sexy “real” guy models that I find so fucking hot.

Well, he does a series of underwear unboxing videos where his guys unbox underwear from various sources and try on the underwear. Often it’s styles of underwear the models aren’t used to wearing and the videos are entertaining and hot as hell.

Well, we (Jockstrap Central) wanted to be given the Fred Sugar unboxing treatment so we sent him some of our gear and the first video is now up online – and it’s a good one.

He choose model Cody Hans to do the unboxing and in this first video he’s trying on one of my favorite jock and harness combos from Cellblock 13 – the Cellblock 13 Echo Mesh Harness and Cellblock 13 Echo Mesh Jock Pouch.

Fred Sugar model Cody Hans Unboxing Jockstrap Central gear

To be honest, we’re still amazed that Cody Hans was able to fit his massive junk (which you get to see in the video) into the Echo Mesh Jock Pouch – but he did, and damn he looks good.

In case you missed the above link: click here to watch Cody Hans Unboxing Video

Can’t wait to see more of Fred Sugar’s guys in our stuff!

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(Video) Dave London takes his JC Athletic Jock for a spin

Dave London in a JC Athletic Jockstrap

So, we sent our favorite exhibitionist Dave London one of our JC Athletic Jockstraps and it’s become the gift that keeps on giving. First he did some awesome jockstrap reviews on YouTube and his very own very dirty x-rated website, Dave London Online, then he sent some hot photos and now he’s sending videos – in high definition even! Check it out:

This is part one, stay tuned for part two for the big reveal (and when we say big, we really mean BIG!)

As mentioned, you can see more of Dave London on his awesome website where he’s naked (I know, shock!), jerking off, have sex with other guys, reviewing underwear and sex toys and most of all, having a blast showing off everything.

The JC Athletic Jockstraps are Jockstrap Central’s very own line of sports jockstraps. They were six months in development. Based on the classic jocks we loved with loads of tweaks and based on feedback and sales over the past year, they’re a huge hit.



Nick has an Ass that Deserves his Jockstrap (Video)

OfficialFinch in a C-in2 Jockstrap

YouTube fitness sensation Nick who goes by the channel name Officialfinch not only has a thing for working out but he also has a thing for jockstraps, and with the firm bubble butt his hauling around, it would be a crime not to put it in a jockstrap. In this video, it’s a C-in2 criss crossy jockstrap (yup, technical term there).

You’re welcome.

Jockstrap Show – Wet and Dry Run (Video)

One guy, one white jockstrap, one incredible ass and two videos, the first is this sexy Asian guy showing off white fashion jockstrap, the second is doing it all over again but this time the jockstrap is wet. So hot.

(Be sure to click the icon in the upper right corner to make the video bigger and better quality.)

In case you want more, there’s a website where this guy reviews all sorts of underwear called Down There Blog

Magnitude Party Fantasy (Jockstrap Sightings) Video

Black Jockstrap

A short comedy about four friends getting ready for a huge upcoming gay dance party – and the hilarious, sexy and downright bizarre fantasies of what they think they might experience there! Official promo video for Magnitude (Folsom Street Fair party).

Probably don’t have to mention being posted on here but the video isn’t about jockstrap per se but it has lots of jockstrap sightings (along with lots of hot furry guys, leather, dick shots and all the things we love).

Magnitude from Andy Bydalek on Vimeo.

Video: Hairy Guy in his Wet Jock Strap

Jockstrap Soap Suds Video

Just a quick down and dirty (well as dirty as you can be all soaped up in the shower) video of a hot bear cub in a white Bike Performance Jockstrap getting all wet and slightly see-through. This video is on vimeo so it’s a bit g-rated, but there’s also more naughty stuff over on the guy’s XTube page here.

Vimeo won’t let me embed the video so click the following link to watch it (for free of course) over on Vimeo:



A New Take On An Old Classic: Twister! (NSFW)

Jockstrap Twister @ BLENDER powered by XTube

Any game can be probably be made more interesting while hanging out with jockstrapped buddies. Except maybe Risk! (Don’t ask. I don’t want to talk about it.)

Take for example a simple game of Twister. It seems as though this once wholesome game of body contorting connect the dots, can be slightly more adult as the video above illustrates. Heck they do it at the Dore Alley Festival as part of the tradition. Club Blender in LA where this video was shot seems to have made it into a successful theme night.

I wonder what other games we could play? Checkers? Pictionary? Charades? The list is endless.

It looks like a good time to me and it really does not seem as competitive as say…Risk.

If you need some supplies for your own wild game nights click here!

Battleship might never be the same again!