Furry Guy In Jockstrap
Fur Title
Hot Hairy Guy in his Jockstrap

Part two of our jockstrap theme series is FUR. Naturally hairy guys seem to be making a comeback in media these days (or maybe I’m just being hopeful.) If I can push this cause along with our little blog I will with these amazing furry guys (and their jockstraps)

There’s more photos after the jump (slightly x-rated)

Jockstrap Central Oscar
Hairy Ass framed by Jockstrap
Leather Jockstrap
Hairy guys in his jockstrap
Naturally Hairy Guy in Jockstrap
Another Hairy Ass in Jockstrap

The third photo in the set is Oscar one of our Jockstrap Central models. We had a long photoshoot with him, but due to technical difficulties, we didn’t get a lot of great photos. A real shame as Oscar was amazing to work with and looked fantastic in our jockstraps. Hopefully we can get him back again sometime.

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7 thoughts to “JOCKSTRAP THEME: FUR”

  1. I will like to take that jock from you,
    Don`t fear I wont used my hands.
    My wet mouth will do you.
    Cum and get it

  2. My fucking word! The guy with the goatee, grrreat
    pecs, and swimmer strap is just SCARY hot. Jeezus! Any chance of seeing a rear shot of that?

  3. i want the guy with the goatee and nose piercing to power fuck me xD hes so beefy and one of the hottest guys ive seen. please do more shots of him =D

  4. Sorry George, I have no idea. Just a photo I collected in my internet travels. Would love to find out myself, would love to do a full feature on him here.

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