Jockstrap Ass Orange
Sports jocks with ass exposed

There’s this misconception that jockstraps are only for older guys. Just take a look over on USG-online and you’ll see that younger guys are into jocks as well. Want more proof, then how about Jock_UK who just submitted his photos for Jockstrapping…

This 20 years old guy lives in the UK and says he’s “totally into jocks as i’m a butt man.Like it that you can see a mans butt exposed in a jock.”

Trust me, we all like your butt exposed in a jock too!

There’s more photos of jock_UK after the jump

Ass framed in jockstrap
white sports jock strap

So…What do you think? Leave your comments about jock_UK below or use the following link to contact him directly.


4 thoughts to “YOUR JOCKSTRAPS: JOCK_UK”

  1. HI MATEY!

    Thanks for sharing your MEGA HOOOT PIX. I just read on another site that JOCKSTRAPS are almost extinct in the UK. Great to know that YOU are contributing to their ‘CUM’BACK!!! {{{HUGS FROM RICKY YOUR YANK STRAP MATE}}}

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