Rick's Jockstrap
2Xist Jockstrap

Rick sent in these hot photos after checking out Jockstrapping. He writes “I’m 27, live in Chicago and have been a serious ‘STRAP HOUND’ since I was in college like 7 years ago. I wear STRAPS (SWIMMERS) as my undies.”

…That’s exactly how Adrian and I feel. Jockstraps are incredibly comfortable and feel great worn all day long, especially once their worn in a bit like the one in Rick’s first photo above (bet it smells good too!)

There’s more photos of jack after the jump (x-rated photos ahead!)

Bike Jockstrap
Rick's Jockstrap
Rick's Ass in a Jockstrap

Once you’ve torn your eyes away from that last mind blowing photo (and wiped the drool off your monitor) you can also check out Rick over on USG-online one of our other sites. He’s a regular over there and has a few more photos over there that worth checking out.


3 thoughts to “YOUR JOCKSTRAPS: RICK”

  1. WOOOF, Rick. You really fill out those jockstraps.

    Thanks again to JOCKSTRAPPING for featuring such hot guys who enjoy wearing their jockstraps.

    Hunky and humpy, these are really hot jockstrap studs. Thanks for sharing.

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