New PUMP! Micro-mesh Jockstraps at Jockstrap Central

PUMP! Micromesh Jockstraps at Jockstrap Central
PUMP! Micromesh Jockstraps at Jockstrap Central


The new collection of jockstraps from Canadian designer PUMP! has arrived at Jockstrap Central – with all the awesome styling, expert craftsmanship and big bold colors you’d expect but this round of jockstrap designs come with their own air conditioning in the form of a sexy and sleek micro-mesh pouch that will not only keep the air flowing when you get all hot and sweaty but the spandex ensures the jocks show off your bulge to perfection!

As with all PUMP! creations, don’t think it’s all style and no substance – they’re ultra-comfortable with double stitching, modern fabrics, super-plushed and extra soft wide elasticated waistbands including some of the softest leg straps we’ve ever encountered. Here’s the details:

As mentioned, the pouch is a perforated hi-tech fabric of nylon, cotton and spandex and although not overly see-through, they’re see-through enough to tease what lies beneath. The pouches are contoured for comfort and fit and include verticle stitching and piped edging – both help in defining the bulge. They also all includes a full two inch wide plushed waistband woven with a front PUMP! logo, smaller off-center logo in the back with horizontal racing stripes. Finally, the leg straps are one inch wide and as we mentioned, incredibly soft.

Whether it’s at the gym, the office, lounging at home or on a hot date, you’re going to love wearing these affordable low rise jocks with their streamlined hi-tech design. There are six new styles so be sure to collect them all.

Our unbelievably cute and sexy model Matt is back (because many of you asked for it) putting all the new PUMP! jocks through their paces – and boy do these jocks show off that beautiful package of his. Be sure to visit our website to check him out.