straight guys in jockstrap

If you follow our blog then you know we sent Jeff from Str8cam a bunch of jockstraps and you also know that Jeff is this hot straight guy who does bi-weekly live cam shows on his website and you also know that he has 7 years worth of archived liveshows and galleries available to download as well.

Well, I’m happy to let you know something new about Jeff – he’s got a new camera and to test the thing out, he decided to do a shoot with a pool table and the Joe Snyder jockstrap we sent him. Talk about amazing – he not only puts his camera through the test with an amazing shoot, but he also puts that jockstrap through a test showing us all the cool features of a Joe Snynder jockstrap. Not only does he show just how well these jocks fit, he also demonstrated just how stretchy the pouch is as his cock gets rock hard and strains the spandex lycra fabric just begging to get out of the jockstrap.

joe snyder underwear

Taking pity on his hard confined cock, he reaches in and pulls it out through the handy opening between the top of the pouch and the waistband. It’s now standing at full mast and boy does it look happy all the while the balls are cradled by the smooth soft spandex pouch. In fact, the whole shoot is a stress test and a testament to this phenomenal jockstrap, so check out these photos then do yourself a favor and check out Jeff’s website to see the ooey gooey sticky conclusion.

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joe snyder underwear

joe snyder underwear

joe snyder underwear

What really makes Jeff and his website so great is that he’s a really nice guy. He’s straight, but he a true exhibitionist and loves what he does. So many good looking guys on camera have tons of attitude, but not Jeff. He’s runs an amazing site that will certainly keep you entertained. Even when there’s not a straight live show, there more archived content then you’ll ever know what to do with.


…and don’t forget, you can grab yourself a Joe Snyder jockstrap so you can give it your own personal stress test over at Jockstrap Central.


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