yellow bike jockstrap

Everyone loves a classic #10 Bike jockstrap, including Jeff from Str8cam.

I was all horned up (as usual) and decided to check out one of Jeff’s live cam shows on Str8cam, but I got completely sidetracked when I saw a gallery he posted where he’s all decked out in a yellow Bike jockstrap (I think it’s the one we sent him a while back) – Although most of the galleries on Str8cam are large vidcaps from his live cam shows, this gallery is a huge resolution gallery specifically shot for the site. It’s amazing.

yellow bike jockstrap

During most of the shoot, Jeff is posing in his jockstrap on a staircase giving us ample views of his well stuffed pouch as well as his phenomenally hard ass. And in case that wasn’t enough, he bends over for full effect, if you get my drift. Of course the best part is the finale (and it will probably be your finale too) when he removes the jockstrap, places it on a stool and then rubs his hard cock all over it until he’s exploding with huge gobs of cum soaking up into the woven pouch fabric.

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joe snyder jockstrap

I know it hasn’t been that long since I last posted about Jeff from Str8cam but he’s jockstrapping again. Besides, can you ever have enough of that handsome hunky straight bodybuilder that loves getting dirty for his gay boys? I didn’t so.

This time around, he just happens to be wearing a Joe Snyder Stretch Jockstrap that we carry at Jockstrap Central. Gee, how ever do your suppose he got it?

live cam sex show

Like all the underwear Jeff wears in his cam shows – he gives this Joe Snyder Stretch Jock a complete workout. This particular version of the stretch jock is made from white mesh, but I guess the see through fabric wasn’t hot enough, so Jeff gets out his trusty squirt bottle and wets it down and you can his delicious dick as it goes from soft to rock hard – and we can then clearly see why they call it a “Stretch” jock.

Of course it wouldn’t be a Str8cam live cam show without the cum shot, and Jeff doesn’t disappoint. This time around he takes advantage of the wet mesh fabric and shoots his load through the fabric – it’s an underwear fetishist’s dream come true. I just wonder who the lucky guy who will eventually receive that well used jockstrap. (pick me, pick me!)

Click the link below for the rest of the photos:

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orange jockstrap shaving

You’ve got to hand it to Jeff from Str8cam for always trying to keep his live cam show interesting. He’s constantly thinking of new things to do for his audience. If he’s not working out in jockstraps and underwear, he’s taking requests like rubbing his feet with lotion, customizing underwear for people, Fleshlight shows, pissing, and of course always getting off.

messy jockstrap shaving

This time around, he’s wearing a bright orange Le Jacques jockstrap which so far so the only info I can find on it is that it was a brand of soft fashion jockstraps from years ago. (If anyone has more information on them, please let me know!) Not only is he wearing the orange jockstrap, but he starts to shave, but seems like he loses his focus as once he’s lathered up his face, the foam drips down to his chest. Before you know it, Jeff’s body is head to toe in shaving foam – including his now rock hard dick.

orange jockstrap

Taking advantage of his now foamed up cock, he grabs his trusty Fleshlight and starts pounding his dick. Unfortunately, it’s not quite slippery enough, so he then ads some lube to the already sticky, foamy, gooey, oozey, and now slippery mess. That does the trick because before you know it, Jeff’s dick is spurting his cum into the whole mess.

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straight guy in a jockstrap

Remember how we wanted to see Jeff from STR8CAM in a few of our jockstraps so we sent him some. Well I’m happy to report that he is still wearing them and giving them the old stress test – and from these photos it looks like the Bodyworksman Army Jockstrap is passing with flying colors. If it isn’t his hot stiff cock that stretching the pouch, it’s his rock hard ass and thighs that’s working those straps. Now that I think about it, I think I may just want that jockstrap back – but only if it’s unlaundered with the big juicy loads he shoots all over it at the end of this whole session.

str8cam jeff

str8cam jeff in a jockstrap

str8cam jeff in a jockstrap

str8cam jeff in a jockstrap

What really makes Jeff and his website so great is that he’s a really nice guy. He’s straight, but he a true exhibitionist and loves what he does. So many good looking guys on camera have tons of attitude, but not Jeff. He’s runs an amazing site that will certainly keep you entertained. Even when there’s not a straight live show, there more archived content then you’ll ever know what to do with.


…and don’t forget, you can grab yourself a Army Jockstrap so you can give it your own personal stress test over at Jockstrap Central.


straight guys in jockstrap

If you follow our blog then you know we sent Jeff from Str8cam a bunch of jockstraps and you also know that Jeff is this hot straight guy who does bi-weekly live cam shows on his website and you also know that he has 7 years worth of archived liveshows and galleries available to download as well.

Well, I’m happy to let you know something new about Jeff – he’s got a new camera and to test the thing out, he decided to do a shoot with a pool table and the Joe Snyder jockstrap we sent him. Talk about amazing – he not only puts his camera through the test with an amazing shoot, but he also puts that jockstrap through a test showing us all the cool features of a Joe Snynder jockstrap. Not only does he show just how well these jocks fit, he also demonstrated just how stretchy the pouch is as his cock gets rock hard and strains the spandex lycra fabric just begging to get out of the jockstrap.

joe snyder underwear

Taking pity on his hard confined cock, he reaches in and pulls it out through the handy opening between the top of the pouch and the waistband. It’s now standing at full mast and boy does it look happy all the while the balls are cradled by the smooth soft spandex pouch. In fact, the whole shoot is a stress test and a testament to this phenomenal jockstrap, so check out these photos then do yourself a favor and check out Jeff’s website to see the ooey gooey sticky conclusion.

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straight live cam

Just a quick reminder that Jeff is doing a live cam show tonight on STR8CAM at 7:30 (PST) or 10:30 (EST) – I know he’s going to be wearing at least one of our Army jockstraps – so if you want to see this hot straight guy in a jockstrap jerking off – then head over to his site. you have to be a member to view the show, but it’s not expensive and he puts on a great show – chatting with all the guys and taking requests.



live jockstrap cam show

In case you don’t know yet, Jeff, the hunky guy in the photo above, runs a website where he performs twice a week on his live cam. Not only is he drop dead gorgeous, he’s also built for days and…he’s a really great guy. Sure he’s straight (and recently engaged – congrats Jeff!), but he loves to perform and loves his gay audience.

A while back we ( Jockstrap Central ) decided we wanted to see Jeff from STR8CAM in a few of our jockstraps so we sent him a few from our extensive jock strap collection ( over 100 styles currently available! ) and it worked. He’s set to do a special live show in one of our Army Jockstraps. The show is set for Wednesday, March 5th at 7:30pm (Pacific Time), so if you’re free at during that time an you love jockstraps then this is one show you won’t want to miss.

You have to be a member of his site to see the show, but it’s a really great deal, as not only do you get his two weekly shows, but you get access to hundreds of his pre-recorded and galleries from past shows.

I know both Adrian and myself will be tuning in to the show, so if you do too, be sure to say hi in the chat room!



straight cop in a jockstrap

This is exactly why I love Jeff from STR8CAM – because he works so hard at fulfilling requests. I’m sure he has his limits, but when it comes to something simple like “dress up in a cop’s uniform wearing a jockstrap” he’s eager to please.

I happen to know that we’re going to be seeing a lot more of Jeff in jockstraps in the next little while. Why, you ask? Well, lets just say your favorite jockstrap store just sent him a whole bunch and he received the package today and Jeff was very happy!

straight cop in a jockstrap

He’s off on a well deserved break, but in just two weeks, he’ll be back to his live shows and hopefully wearing the new jockstraps. I know I can’t wait.

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Jeff from STR8cam has to be perhaps my favorite jerk off material. I can’t figure out what it is about him, his looks, his abs, his ass or his cock, he has it all! Okay, I have to admit I’m not too keen on his choice of headgear for this shoot, but hey, the head I’m drooling over is a little further down his perfect body.

jeff str8cam safe-t-gard jockstrap

Great to see that Safe-T-Gard can produce a jockstrap that can be manhandled like this.

jeff str8cam safe-t-gard jockstrap

Safe-T-Gard jockstraps come in lots of colors, are you going to show yours? Get your Safe-T-Gard jockstraps from Jockstrap Central.