orange jockstrap shaving

You’ve got to hand it to Jeff from Str8cam for always trying to keep his live cam show interesting. He’s constantly thinking of new things to do for his audience. If he’s not working out in jockstraps and underwear, he’s taking requests like rubbing his feet with lotion, customizing underwear for people, Fleshlight shows, pissing, and of course always getting off.

messy jockstrap shaving

This time around, he’s wearing a bright orange Le Jacques jockstrap which so far so the only info I can find on it is that it was a brand of soft fashion jockstraps from years ago. (If anyone has more information on them, please let me know!) Not only is he wearing the orange jockstrap, but he starts to shave, but seems like he loses his focus as once he’s lathered up his face, the foam drips down to his chest. Before you know it, Jeff’s body is head to toe in shaving foam – including his now rock hard dick.

orange jockstrap

Taking advantage of his now foamed up cock, he grabs his trusty Fleshlight and starts pounding his dick. Unfortunately, it’s not quite slippery enough, so he then ads some lube to the already sticky, foamy, gooey, oozey, and now slippery mess. That does the trick because before you know it, Jeff’s dick is spurting his cum into the whole mess.

jerking off with shaving foam

orange jockstrap

live cam jerk off

In case you don’t know, Jeff owns Str8cam and through his website puts on two shows each week and chats with and listens to his viewers and where physically possible, he takes requests and fulfills them. He’s really nice, totally straight, but he’s a true exhibitionist and loves to show off and loves and respects his gay audience. Even when he’s not performing live, he has an archive of over 5 years of his past shows plus galleries of himself. It’s a packed site that will keep you hard for weeks or months even.

Just recently, he’s just added more hot guys doing live shows, and although I doubt they’re as good as Jeff, I’ve seen the photos and they’re pretty damn hot.



  1. You go man! I’d lick every inch of you all night long!!!! You’re totally my type. A real man! Love that shaving cream man! I just lost a load over you brother!

  2. I had a few Le Jacques jockstraps. They used to advertise in some magazines like Runners World. They actually advertised as the most comfortable jockstrap in the world. They were lycra and very very light. The lycra pouch was very comfortable and the leg straps and waistband were lycra covered elastic. They were the first jockstraps I ever saw that came in different colours. I no longer have those Le Jacques jockstraps.

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