Sorry about the lack of updates, but I’ve been busy giving my site some loving. In case you don’t know, USG-online was my very first website and USG stands for Underwear Swimwear Guide. The heart of that site was always the community and the message boards and galleries.

I’ve just done some major upgrades to the message boards to make the site more interactive with member created content. Members can now not only discuss underwear (and jockstraps) but now they can upload photos, organize them into personal albums (sort of like Flickr) and also start interest groups or join other member’s interest groups – all revolving around underwear and swimwear.

Of course, I had to set an example for the site, so I created my own group over there – the Jockstrap Central Fan Club. It just launched yesterday, but I’m using it as a place to post photos from Jockstrap Central. Mostly unreleased photos, behind the scenes photos and candid photos that you haven’t seen before. BUT…

I also want to see members of the group post photos of themselves in their jockstraps over there. Unlike the “Your Jockstraps” posts here, when you submit a photo to the group, it appears immediately. Plus, you can create a profile over there, so other guys can see who you are and what you’re into. Other members can also comment on your photos you upload to your galleries, and they can contact you through the Private Message system and finally… You can discuss all thing jockstrap related.

You need to register over at USG-Online Communities before you can participate, but registration is free and there are no upgrades to pay for – you get complete access to everything.

Here’s the link to the Jockstrap Central Fan Club:


Please consider joining the group, I’d love to see you over there (and also see you in your jockstraps!) Like I said, if you want to join my group, click the register button at the top left of the screen and fill out the registration. Then when you complete it, login to the forums and then head back to my group. You’ll see a link at the bottom to join the group.

(I’ll be doing an update here in a little while – so don’t think I’ve forgotten about!!)