McKillop Max Bulge Jockstraps at Jockstrap Central

McKillop Max Bulge Jockstraps


McKillop Jockstraps are back at Jockstrap Central and it’s about time! With our overtly sexy and totally uncensored photography and McKillop being so bulge-centric, we’re a match made in heaven.


McKillop is taking bulging to the extreme. With a secret weapon, well, two to be exact to ensure you’re bulging sky high! First in the Max Bulge Jockstrap’s arsenal is a pouch that’s super contoured and cut high to sit up under your balls. Second, a double-wide elasticated fabric cock ring is included with every jock for extra lift and to potentially restrict some blood-flow. The result: your manhood is hoisted up and put out there on display for all to see, as it should.

We’ve got three variations of Max Bulge: Sheer, Modal or Sphere.

The McKillop Mesh Max Bulge Jock is made from a fully transparent sheer mesh – not only can everyone see your religion, they can also see the cock ring that’s causing your bulging sensation.

The McKillop Modal Max Bulge Jockstrap is made from a super stretchy, durable yet super-soft fabric that clings to your junk showing off every hump, nook and cranny (need proof? check out our model Kaine in the white version, you can see the thick vein running down his dick showing through the fabric).

Finally, the McKillop Sphere Max Bulge Jockstrap is a marriage between the two. Made with Sphere Performance Fabric – it’s soft and stretchy with a repeating pattern of small circles which are slightly see-through.

All jocks have a one and a half inch wide plushed waistband with the tasteful and subtle McKillop logo woven right into it. Three-quarter inch wide leg straps finish it all off.

As mentioned, each jock comes with the extra-wide elastic cock ring. It’s not attached so you can opt not to wear it, or simply wear your own favorite cock ring.

We brought in our most recent model Kaine and brand new model Andrew to show these suckers off – and with what both of these guys are packing, they certainly do show them off.


McKillop Max Bulge Jockstraps