Army Lace-up Jockstrap

Before I get into the meat of post (sexual innuendo intended), let me remind you that IF we use your photos for our Your Jockstraps posts here on Jockstrapping Blog, then we’ll send you a free jockstrap. Although you can be anonymous, you at least have to allow us to post a nickname, the country where you’re located and a little bio/background info on yourself or simply what you love about jockstraps. Finally, to do a post, I will need at least 6 photos of yourself in jockstrap. Click here for more info and to submit your photos.

Gebji submitted his photos to us a while ago, right in the middle of our Show Us Your Jockstrap Contest but with all the craziness of the contest and the holidays, I’m only getting around to posting his photos now – my apologies!

Fashion Jockstraps

Gebji is not only a jockstrap fanatic, but he’s also a very loyal customer of Jockstrap Central and everything we do. He’s on our newsletter mail list, part of our Jockstrap Facebook community, he enters our contests and submits his photos to this blog – needless to say, we love him. As you can see from his photos, he’s a hot hairy guy who looks pretty amazing in our jockstraps.

Gebji is 24 and from Florida. Here’s what he has to say:

“I’m definitely a Jockstrap (Central) addict. I <3 a lot of different underwear, but jockstraps are a step above the rest! I'm an art college student who's perhaps a bit too shameless at times." Hairy Guy in a Jockstrap

You can either use the big link below to contact Gebji directly or you can use the comment section of our blog to share your thoughts on Gebji and his jockstrap photos.



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