Army Lace-up Jockstrap

Before I get into the meat of post (sexual innuendo intended), let me remind you that IF we use your photos for our Your Jockstraps posts here on Jockstrapping Blog, then we’ll send you a free jockstrap. Although you can be anonymous, you at least have to allow us to post a nickname, the country where you’re located and a little bio/background info on yourself or simply what you love about jockstraps. Finally, to do a post, I will need at least 6 photos of yourself in jockstrap. Click here for more info and to submit your photos.

Gebji submitted his photos to us a while ago, right in the middle of our Show Us Your Jockstrap Contest but with all the craziness of the contest and the holidays, I’m only getting around to posting his photos now – my apologies!

Fashion Jockstraps

Gebji is not only a jockstrap fanatic, but he’s also a very loyal customer of Jockstrap Central and everything we do. He’s on our newsletter mail list, part of our Jockstrap Facebook community, he enters our contests and submits his photos to this blog – needless to say, we love him. As you can see from his photos, he’s a hot hairy guy who looks pretty amazing in our jockstraps.

Gebji is 24 and from Florida. Here’s what he has to say:

“I’m definitely a Jockstrap (Central) addict. I <3 a lot of different underwear, but jockstraps are a step above the rest! I'm an art college student who's perhaps a bit too shameless at times." Hairy Guy in a Jockstrap

You can either use the big link below to contact Gebji directly or you can use the comment section of our blog to share your thoughts on Gebji and his jockstrap photos.



Rick in Jockstrap Central jockstraps

Although it’s not a prerequisite for the guys submitting their photos to our Your Jockstrap series to be wearing Jockstrap Central jockstraps it sure is nice when they do. Thanks Rick! He’s our latest and everything he’s wearing is available on our website.

Rick in Jockstrap Central Jockstraps

Rick in Jockstrap Central Jockstraps

As for Rick, he’s one sexy guy who really knows how to pack a pouch. He’s 60 years young from New York and although he doesn’t say this in his submitted info, I just happen to know that he’s also a regular member on one of our sister sites – Underwear Swimwear Guide (or USG for short) in the community forums and gallery section. You can check out his profile here: (…where you can see much more and much less of Rick.)

Here’s what he has to say:
“Like Jocks, speedos, spandex, running and hanging out and SHOWING OFF”

…and we certainly like a show off here at Jockstrapping!

So, as always, please use the comment section to share your thoughts on Rick and if you want to contact him directly, use the big link below:



jockstrap model Peter Rex

We had been searching high and low for just the right sort of guy to model the new Nasty Pig Sport Jockstraps and after weeks of meeting with lots of great models we were frustrated as none of them we’re “Nasty Pig” Then the other day we were having dinner with a friend and previous model, Peter Rand after dinner we decided to show him the new jocks and next thing we know he’s trying them on and we knew we had to do another photo shoot with Peter – he was our Nasty Pig! Of course, we also threw a whole bunch of new mesh jockstraps at him from Joe Snyder and Kinkwear and here’s just a few of the hundreds of amazing shots we got from the shoot. Each photo is linked to the product page on Jockstrap Central, so just click the photo for even more shots and details of the new gear.

Nasty Pig Jockstraps

Joe Snyder jockstrap

Kinkwear Jockstrap

Nasty Pig Jockstrap

Joe Snyder Jockstraps

Joe Snyder Jockstraps

Kinkwear Jockstrap

Mesh Jockstraps

Kinkwear Jock Strap

Jockstrap model Peter Rex

Joe Snyder Jockstrap

Peter Rex

Joe Snyder Jockstraps

Mesh Jockstraps

Nasty Pig Jockstraps

Nasty Pig Jockstraps

Nasty Pig Jockstraps

Nasty Pig Jockstraps

Nasty Pig Jockstraps

Nasty Pig Jockstraps

Nasty Pig Jockstraps



police jockstraps

Bodyworksman has recently redesigned their POLICE jockstrap. It used to be a New York Police Department logo, but now it’s a more generic one. Personally I think it’s actually better then the old one, as the word police is larger and the badge emblem is nicer. Jockstrap Central has them in both black and white.

Closely related is the brand new Kinkwear handcuff jockstrap. This metallic threaded embroidered handcuff sits front and center of a the black cotton pouch. Both the police and handcuff jocks are pretty awesome and perfect for a bit of role playing – cops and robbers or a little crime interrogation scene or even a full-on cavity search – woof!

Breaking from the above theme but just as cool is the final addition to the Bodyworksman military jockstrap family. We now have white swimmer Air Force jockstrap with an embroidered Air Force logo. Whether you’re a fan of the Army, Navy, Marines and now Air Force – we have the jock for you.

(don’t forget to check out Paulo in these new jockstraps in the post below this:



jockstrap piss

Although we have to be subtle over on Jockstrap Central, we don’t have to be over here at Jockstrapping. Afterall, that’s what Jockstrapping is for: A place for Adrian and I to express ourselves and our sexuality and believe me, we need to after looking at hot guys in jockstraps all day long.

piss recycle jockstrap

Over on Jockstrap Central we cleverly describe Kinkwear’s new recycle jocks this way:

“Go green – or in this case go yellow with the new “Recycle” jockstrap from Kinkwear. Whether you’re saving the environment or recycling waste let everyone know what urine to!”

…but here on Jockstrapping we can just come right out and say it. DRINK PISS!

I know not everyone is into piss and some guys are revolted by it, but there’s lots more revolting things then that stream of golden water coming out of the end of your dick. In fact it’s strange how some guys refer to the creamy substance coming out of the same hole as nectar of the gods, yet piss is a dirty thing. Strange.

Personally, I have a mild piss fascination that I relate to a childhood curiosity I had of seeing grown men at urinals. There’s also something naughty and yet exhilarating about pissing your jockstrap – feeling the wet warm liquid against your skin and then seeping out of the mesh fabric and through the sides of the pouch.

Anyway…enough of about me and back to the jockstraps. Like all the Kinkwear jockstraps, they’re great quality cotton jocks with high thread count embroidery for the recycle logo. So let everyone know what you’re into by picking one up and wearing it proudly.


..and finally, I couldn’t resist posting this photo of Paulo’s ass from the same set of photos. It really is a mighty fine ass that I’ll never get tired of looking at! What do you guys think? (click the comment link below)

ass in a jockstrap