jockstrap piss

Although we have to be subtle over on Jockstrap Central, we don’t have to be over here at Jockstrapping. Afterall, that’s what Jockstrapping is for: A place for Adrian and I to express ourselves and our sexuality and believe me, we need to after looking at hot guys in jockstraps all day long.

piss recycle jockstrap

Over on Jockstrap Central we cleverly describe Kinkwear’s new recycle jocks this way:

“Go green – or in this case go yellow with the new “Recycle” jockstrap from Kinkwear. Whether you’re saving the environment or recycling waste let everyone know what urine to!”

…but here on Jockstrapping we can just come right out and say it. DRINK PISS!

I know not everyone is into piss and some guys are revolted by it, but there’s lots more revolting things then that stream of golden water coming out of the end of your dick. In fact it’s strange how some guys refer to the creamy substance coming out of the same hole as nectar of the gods, yet piss is a dirty thing. Strange.

Personally, I have a mild piss fascination that I relate to a childhood curiosity I had of seeing grown men at urinals. There’s also something naughty and yet exhilarating about pissing your jockstrap – feeling the wet warm liquid against your skin and then seeping out of the mesh fabric and through the sides of the pouch.

Anyway…enough of about me and back to the jockstraps. Like all the Kinkwear jockstraps, they’re great quality cotton jocks with high thread count embroidery for the recycle logo. So let everyone know what you’re into by picking one up and wearing it proudly.


..and finally, I couldn’t resist posting this photo of Paulo’s ass from the same set of photos. It really is a mighty fine ass that I’ll never get tired of looking at! What do you guys think? (click the comment link below)

ass in a jockstrap